call centre delusions

Debunking the Call Centre Delusions


The call centre job is to handle the prospects/customers’ incoming inquiries and to make calls to the leads to influence them towards the business services. The responsibilities of an agent in a BPO company seem to be simple but the agents in real have to go through a vigorous work pressure and have to handle multiple tasks at the same time.

There are people who have a lot of misunderstanding about the call centre functions and to debunk the same, we are here with this article. Believing some myths about call centre operations, several companies avoid outsourcing their secondary business functions. This is one big reason why it is crucial to debunk the myths related to BPOs.

Customer support plays a very important role in boosting service operation, which is why most companies outsource their call support functions to an external partner. If you wish to outsource to a reliable partner, however, fear of some limitations, here we pen down the misconceptions you need to avoid believing.  Check out:

1. The call centre task is easy

Thinking call centres do a very simple job and that their agents’ responsibilities are easy to perform is wrong. The call centre agent has to handle multiple calls all day and have to understand and reply to each customers’ agony without getting irritated, which is surely not the cup of tea of every normal employee. 

Interacting with multiple agents all day and interacting with each new call with the same ease is challenging. If you believe call centre agents do not have to do much, you are wrong. BPO companies train their agents to answer every caller swiftly so that customer satisfaction is never compromised.

Several companies wish to outsource their customer support to a reliable BPO firm from which you can understand how important and time taking the task is which compels companies to outsource the same. Thus, thinking that call centres do not do much is wrong.

2. BPOs do not help

Call centre UK highlighted the most common misconception they came across and it was that BPOs have an annoying attitude. Well, it is unfair to say that BPOs do not help and are annoying.

BPOs aims to simplify customer concerns and do not intentionally annoy a prospect/customer.

Every BPO company aims to simplify services for its partner and if you wish to outsource your secondary functions to an external partner, do not hesitate, you can trust call centre companies.

Here it is important to make sure that you outsource your secondary functions to a reliable BPO partner, because when you do not outsource to a reliable firm, you may be losing your authenticity in front of the customers.

Call Centres very well understand that if they call a customer irrelevantly, they may feel that BPOs are annoying. However, BPOs have a team of agents working on the customer data and they make a call only to those leads who have shown interest in the business functions.

This is why most companies wish to outsource their call support functions to a reliable BPO partner cause they know that the BPO Company will take care of the answering responsibilities well.

BPOs help companies avoid service issues and resolve the concerns of the customers by handling each call swiftly. This trust compels maximum companies today to outsource their call centre operations to an external partner.

3. Call centres have no future

It is totally a myth that says that call centres have no future. Call centre companies help their partners in simplifying the business functions, which is why BPOs have a lot to do in the future.

Most of the IT companies depend on call centre firms for their customer support handling, so BPOs have a great future, as the time to come will see more companies interestingly outsourcing their secondary functions to them.

4. Call centres are expensive

Call centre UK feel that most companies have this misconception that call centres are for large businesses and that start-ups can afford to outsource.

Well, it is a myth!

Call centres help companies in outsourcing their secondary functions at a relatable lower cost than compared to in-house service performance.

Call centres contrarily provide a package of services and companies can select their own requirements. This way BPOs charge companies only for the services they take. Nevertheless, handling the same services in-house, companies would have paid extra as they have to hire and train agents in-house, which is why it is better to outsource to a BPO company.

5. Cloud-based call Centres are not secure

Most companies believe a misconception that cloud-based BPOs are prone to risk. Well, it is not true. Cloud-based call Centres are safeguarded by strong passwords. Agents can get access to particular information over the internet only when they are authorized to the same. Thus, it is a myth that says cloud call centres are not safe.