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8 tips to make your poetry blog more attractive



Poetry is words that express your emotions, feelings, and ideas. It doesn’t always have to rhyme, but it should connect with your audience’s emotions. Running a poetry blog is not easy, as there is a ton of competition out there and only some people read poetry. But it is not impossible. With the right tools and methods, you can make your poetry blog amazing and attractive enough to get a lot of traffic and lead generation.

Here are some tricks that can help you make your poetry blog attractive.

Be confident in your poetry

It is true that there are a few people who read poetry these days. But those few people can make a huge difference to your poetry blog. The only thing you need to do is believe in your words. Words have the power to heal people, to heal a broken heart, and poetry is one of the best forms to express your words.

If you have confidence in your poetry, you can achieve success, by marketing to your blog to the few readers who are looking for it.

Design of the blog matters

Sure people are interested in your words, but if the blog doesn’t come across as attractive, or is not user-friendly, you won’t make an impression. It is because before reading your work, they will look at the site’s design, and you have to make an effort on that. Some points to consider

Theme: Make sure that your blog’s theme is friendly and not cheap. You don’t need a designer for your theme, but make sure you invest a bit of time and money in it. You can create your blog using WordPress, which has ample templates for your theme.

Speed: Make sure that your blog’s speed is fast, no one will wait around on a blog that takes more than a few seconds to load. Also, make it mobile-friendly.

Font: Make sure that the font you use is readable. Don’t use tiny fonts that people have to squint to read.

Use visuals

Even your poetry blogs need images or other kinds of visuals. Use relevant images or you can even write your poetry on a blank canvas with a solid background so that it looks like an image.

You can use Canva to create such types of images or even for editing your personal pictures.

Write about things that are trending

If you want to achieve more success, you need to be relevant while writing your poem. You cannot keep writing about your personal opinion. You need to get relevant and write about things that are happening in the world and have some kind of effect on people.

Research on the trending topic and write on it, but make sure it doesn’t come across as forces; otherwise, you will lose your brand.

SEO tactics

SEO is a great tool to market your brand without investing a lot of money. It does, however, require a ton of effort and time. Here are some tactics that you should apply to your poetry blog:

  • Link building is important as it back-links quality websites or blogs to your blog. One of the ways to do this is by guest posting. Find other poetry blogs or writing blogs, and submit your poems. If they link back to you, it will be great for your blog’s ranking.
  • Internal linking is crucial too. Link your old blogs to your current blog if the opportunity presents.
  • Use keywords in your title as well as the blog too.

Social media

Social media can help you promote your blog to more people. So, create an account on Facebook, Twitter, and Integra. For a blog, these are best and make sure to use the same handles on all platforms. For instance: If your blog name is the moody poet, make sure you secure a handle of this name across all platforms.

Be consistent

You need to be consistent with your posts. Make a schedule that you will post thrice a month and stick to that. This way, your readers will be expecting your poetry, but if you don’t deliver, you can lose followers.


It is important that you interact with your readers. If they write a comment on your blog, make sure that you write back and interact with them. It is the best way to make a community.

What are your thoughts on making a poetry blog attractive?