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How to Rank #1 in Google Search?


In this new digital world, it has become a multi-tasking job to rank Google search on #1 place. Ranking plays a significant part in any company or firm. If they stay in the number 1 position, then ventures can attract more business with more productivity. It is where they need to use SEO that means Search Engine Optimisation. It straightway allows any company to touch the height of success.

People go on Google and any additional search engines to resolve problems, and find products and services' details, which they required. Whereas using SEO is easy but making it for a firm enhancement is not free. 

Everybody has these questions in mind - how much time it's going to take to rank 1st on Google? How can my website links go to the top place?

Crucial Things You Should Know Before Getting High Rank on Google

Two things are certain:-

  • FIRST - Google has NEVER- EVER exposed its precise ranking formula and even not going to do so in future.
  • SECOND - It entirely depends on the SEO performance that how much effort they are putting on SEO work.

While moving further now let us look at search engine ranking factors and position so that it can help you also:-

Methods to get a high rank on Google 

  1. Focus on unique keyword as well as title

Keywords are the terms that are search queries asked by the different users. Multiple tools are available through which you can extract them, and use it in content.

  • Choose a perfect Niche

Targeting the audience is imperative. If you are providing the multiple services, then it may confuse the audience as well as the search engine. It will affect the ranking, so try to initiate with a single function.

  • Optimise every part of the content

Writing content is easy, but optimisation is the role that helps you get to number one on Google. It contains numerous elements, like:

  • URL of the Site
  • Title Tag
  • Headings of the content
  • Provide attribution to the images

These are the points that you should know while optimising. And, make sure you provide the credits to the source from where you have collected the data.

  • Use External and Internal links Smartly

Showing presence in Google or any other search engine is decisive. It can be only performed when you derive traffic to your site with different guest or external post website. Here, you can do two things, first external and second internal links.

External links are those links that derive traffic from other domain where internal links derive traffic from the same domain. You can embrace any one of them or both to strengthen the presence.

  • Provide the quality don’t only focus on quantity

Google is quite serious about providing effecting and quality services to users. They do not prefer the content that is uploaded in a regular period. For Google, they will be considered as SPAM CONTENT.

Your aim should be providing quality and knowledgeable content to the readers. If you perform this, then the chances to get high on Google will increases.

If you keep these pointers, then you can inevitably cross one level ahead to be on the number one place. Besides that, if you think that all these things are enough and you can be free easily, then it is not going to work, it can take time. There are certain things that you need in advance.

Prerequisite to get high on SERP

Getting high on Search Engine Result Pages is easy if you have equipped with below-mentioned points:

  1. Skilled SEO

We know that there is no specific algorithm that Google prefers. It changes with time, and it is hard to predict what will be the update. So, the company must have skilled SEO experts, who can track the trends and apply in your website.

They must know content too, like Page-level elements such as where the keyword is located:

  • META
  • H1, H2

How frequently the keyword comes up on the first page. Backlink/Page Authority factors like Brand signals and Webspam factors (both onsite and off-site factors) need to focus. You must aware of user interaction factors.

You need to use all the factors but still don't create a mess as it usually takes several months to rank on Google. But what if you don't rank during the given timeline? Does it mean your SEO firm has failed in their work?

The answer is No, it is the reason maybe others are doing much better than they are showing the work. There is always a reason in failure, and you need to focus on the main point, have to put continuous efforts over it.

Keep working hard to be on #1 place

Every time you need to use the new technique, even the old one is going right. It is because GOOGLE is fast then your imagination, and he can dedicate your way quickly. That is why you need to use the new form every time so that your firm can be at the right spot of Google searches.

Never expect for the quick results, use the right method every time, and get high on the search engine. Remember one thing that reaching #1 in Google one time does not mean the content will remain high all the time. You have to perform different method even if it high, so SEO works never ends keep spending money and hard work for upfront result.

Description: Getting high on Google SERP is a bit difficult due to the competition. But, it can be achievable by performing some methods. You can read about them in this blog.

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