Search Engine Optimization for 2020

Search Engine Optimization for 2020


Companies whose sales rely on online marketing keep an eye out for changes in Google algorithms and the upcoming trends. 2020 is just around the corner and we need to think ahead of time. Planning well will ensure we do not get outdone by our competitors.

A good online strategy not only boosts our online presence but also helps us build a higher level of trust in the target market. Without branding, a company is nowhere to be found. As technology changes day after day, we conform to the new changes. If we are ready ahead of time, we can do a lot better than others. Our rankings will get elevated as we benefit from the new changes.

The part of online marketing that gets a lot of focus these days is content marketing. Social media is also a hot topic of discussion. Before we discuss how these play an important role, we need to understand the reason why they are a part of our online strategy.

The purpose of content is to solve user-problems. It has a form and a function. In its form, it is text or infographics or images or videos. If the content is not geared up to solve client problems, there is no need to have it on your website. Use it elsewhere on blogs or social media. In gauging content, Google looks more at your website than your social media presence. The point of scrutiny is the website, URL, content, and navigation. You can get rated as a useful or a useless website when Google uses its standards to rate you. The algorithms that are introduced on and off are nothing but a piece of code. The purpose of these new codes is to create a simple filter that takes out the substandard websites out of its index. According to all the new standards set forth by Google, if you fail its criteria test you can be penalized.

In other words, once you know what is coming you need to be ready for it. If you have a lot of links at paid farms, bring them down. If you have blogs where you are doing link stuffing, then bring those down as well. If your site does not have a responsive design, then get one for it quick.

Along with that, your content must meet quality standards set by search engines, and this is where strategy becomes important. 

With social media, Google tries to rate your influence on groups. If there are many of your links found on other social media pages that do not belong to you, it is a good sign for ranking! When many top influencers can be found on your social media sites then you can be up in rankings when they give you likes. Every interaction makes its mark online so engage the visitors well and give them useful things to talk about at your social real estate. 

Guest blogging has proven to be very beneficial for businesses. You can look for blogs that are in your niche and then request to write for them. When members of the same community give you likes you can be more popular in your industry which is good for long term business. The task of social media marketing is to work towards building strong communities where you can do your branding. Every business has some products or services to sell and it is advisable to focus on business instead of talking politics or weather or sports. 

Both content and social media play an important role in search engine optimization. With useful content, we bring the prospects closer to our products so they can come to an informed decision with ease. With social media, we spread our business word to the masses and using a good social media marketing plan we will never have to look for needles in a haystack. You will find prospects very easily and making sales will be a lot smoother. The most impressive social media platform to date is Facebook. If you can work your business pages well there is no reason why at the end of the quarter, you will not see handsome profits.   

Besides focusing on content and social media it is good to do the rich snippets. There will be more rich snippets in 2020 as Google aims to deliver a better search experience. This way you can enjoy the zero position when you appear above the number 1 organic result. People have many questions that you often answer, and the snippets have to be made around these FAQs. The quality of the snippet content is judged by Google. More people click on the zero-spot result before they move on to checking other results on the first and second pages of search results.

In 2020, Google also will depend on artificial intelligence to improve search results for the user. On behalf of Google, AI will decide what a useful article is or is not. It will classify with great precision the web pages and their ranking. Voice searches will constantly increase in number so it is worthwhile to get a responsive website design made so you can be searched through voice as well. For the upcoming year implement conversational searches by using keywords such as near me and include your NAP and MAP on the website. Upload more videos on YouTube and link it back to your website. More people watch YouTube than TV these days. Google will also look at the CTR rate and Mobile UX to determine rankings.