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Top 7 Digital Marketing Strategies to Follow in 2020


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Strategies are the best tool you can use to improve your business.  When it comes about digital marketing strategies, you can find pages of strategies to apply but not every strategy do works on every kinds of website.

You can’t even decide which strategies to use for the improvement of your website. So, if you are one of them then you have come to a right place.

I have collected top five best digital marketing strategy that you need to follow in 2019 which works on every website or business.

1.     SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In a digital marketing world, SEO represents as a precious gem which every business must acquire. This is the one that displays your business to the world of Google.

You might know, there are millions of similar website like yours. So, to get ranked beyond the competitors, you need SEO. It helps to rank your website on the top of Google Search Engine Result Page.

Suppose, you have a website with great contents but you are lack of SEO strategy. Then no matter how good is your website, your contents won’t be seen or visible by the people.

So, this is the primary strategy you need to follow in 2020.

2.     Chatbots

Chatbots are really reliable digital marketing strategy where people can get immediate reply to their queries.

The chatbot tool is an artificial intelligence that can detect whether the user is angry, sad, happy, etc. and can act accordingly. You can also program the chatbots with specific answers to frequently asked questions.

You can automate the customer communication process without the use of customer service and employee. It saves your time, money and improves your business altogether at the same time. Chatbots are more preferred in 2019 than self-customer replies.

So, there will be high demand of chatbots in 2020 which you already need to be ready of.

3.     Social Media Marketing

I bet you are already forward in share your contents on social media or you even creates pages on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. Although you are aware of social media marketing, what steps are necessary for better marketing in 2020?

Social media consists of billions of users with highest active audience every day. So, you really need to focus on how you can utilize social media for marketing.

It is more important than ever before, you can fetch tons of traffics through social media. So, better have a strong social media pages with many followers.

4.     Video Marketing

Video marketing has been evolving since the growth of YouTube. It is the best form of information sharing and marketing your products.

Video marketing is always appreciated than texted and images marketing as you can provide more detailed information to the customers. People are more attracted towards video than only texted advertising.

There is already craze of video marketing in 2019 which is growing at a rapid pace. So, leave the boring texted marketing and start creating amazing attractive video to gain more attention of people in 2020.

5.     Virtual and Augmented Reality

Companies are heading towards the applications of Artificial intelligence to improve their customer experience. Virtual and Augmented Reality are really great application provide by AI that makes people life easier and comfortable.

When getting clients to a particular physical area is absurd, increased reality can give more prominent adaptability and reach through incorporation with versatile applications. Using Virtual reality users can experience a wide range of products within their space.

By conveying virtual or expanded reality deliberately, you have a novel chance to supply buyers with the profundity of pre-buy data they hunger for, while limiting the exertion they should take to acquire it.

6.     Remarketing

Remarketing is the process of targeting those visitor who were unable to convert due to certain issues.

In this process, initially you need to inspect and find out the issues that is causing the un-conversion. After that you solve the issue, it creates higher chance of conversions to the same people as well as new visitors.

You can also create an ads on your website for better targeting your prospects.

At last, remarketing causes you remain progressively drew in with prospects, helps in brand mindfulness, and builds transformations. You can likewise pick up the clients of your rivals, helping pay back any venture you place in making new promotions.

7.     Google AdWords

Google AdWords is the advertising tool provided by Google itself that applies on Search Engine Result Page.

In this process, an advertising owner has to pay certain amount of money to the Google for each clicks on their advertising. It is an expensive form of advertising with lots of beneficial facts for any kind of business.

Benefits you can get from Google AdWords are as follows:

  1. Faster than SEO
  2. Increase Brand Awareness
  3. Target your desired location and audience
  4. More traffic and sales

So, this strategy could be the best choice if you have enough of investment.


Hence, to increase your brand awareness and recognize your brand as one of the top digital marketing agency, you need to follow all of these digital marketing strategies with 2020.