Right Advertisement Text Help

How Can The Right Advertisement Text Help in Conversion



Only one in ten readers will read your ad text. All art consists in capturing attention and retaining it while reading the first few paragraphs. If you succeeded while he reads the first 50 words you wrote, then most likely he will read the next 250. Do not underestimate the power of the influence of words, even one single one. Here are some examples.

  • The sale of shampoo doubled in one single word. The instructions said: "Wet your hair, apply shampoo and rinse thoroughly." A smart copywriter added one word: “Repeat.” The famous businessman was famous for inventing various phrases that increased turnover. One diner wanted to increase sales of milkshakes. In those days, some customers wanted to add an egg to a milkshake, which naturally increased its price and, accordingly, the company's profit. He suggested that three times increased sales: when a visitor ordered a milkshake, the cashier asked: “Do you have one egg or two?” - almost everyone answered: “with one” (and some with “two”),
  • When you visit Disneyland, you are not a buyer or a client - you are a guest. One simple word dramatically changes the level of circumvention - because people are much more kind with guests than with customers.

Thus, taking on the text of your advertisement, remember the importance of each word.

Here are some tips by a renowned internet marketing firm to help you make great advertising.

  • Proceed to the most important. as soon as possible! This can be taught by most advertising teachers. It is necessary to “load” the first three paragraphs as much as possible. The beginning of your text should emphasize the benefits reported in the headline.
  • Write in short sentences. Not more than twelve to fifteen words. Paragraphs should not be very long, consisting of two or three sentences. This will allow you to have enough free space in the area of ​​your advertisement and make it more accessible for perception.
  • Do not exaggerate. Do not try to prove that your product is “sweeter than sugar”. Promise less, but do more.
  • Speak as if you are talking to someone at home - simple, fluent, clear.
  • A long ad works just as well as a short ad. As long as it is interesting to read.
  • Write in the present tense. Never use the past tense. The present tense implies that everything is happening right now, while the past symbolizes something obsolete, useless to anyone. 
  • Use clear words and famous surnames.
  • Use the recommendations of those who really buy your product. Using clients living in the neighborhood in advertising is much cheaper than mentioning the names of celebrities, and is almost as effective as their effectiveness.
  • Indicate the price. If you do not specify a price, then you will not be able to influence potential buyers.
  • If it’s a sale, indicate how much the customer can save. This is especially the case with advertisements for the sale of various food products. Everywhere the headlines are “Sale!”, But it doesn’t say anywhere, but how much I will win. If this is a sale, great! But tell me two things: 1) what is the real price 2) how much will I save on this sale.
  • Read the competition winning ad and copy its tricks. Why not? You know that there are artists who copy paintings by famous artists. Most popular singers will tell you that they started by imitating those whom they admired. You can start with that too. Gradually, you will develop your own style.
  • product catalog.
  • The appendix to the advertisement of a “gift certificate/coupon” increases its effectiveness. If you attach such a coupon to your advertisement, then at least 10% more readers will remember it.
  • Place your gift certificate/coupon in the lower outer corner of your advertisement. The reason is simple - there it is easier to tear.
  • Anticipate possible questions. What can you ask yourself about a promotional offer? People will ask the same questions when reading your ad. Answer their questions. That is why advertising written in the style of “Question-answer” is so effective. Take the opportunity to anticipate objections in advance and answer them.
  • Follow the rule "God loves the trinity." Say what you are going to say. Say it. Say it again. (That is, repeat all three times!) Follow this rule, and your advertising will become much more effective.