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How to Export Outlook Calendar to PDF



PDF has become quite a common file type for its universal compatibility and portability. As a consequence, many Outlook users want to save calendar data of Outlook in PDF file format. But this conversion process is a bit critical and not known to all. Hence comes the question, how to export Outlook calendar to PDF.

We have designed this blog to answer this common question that often comes to the mind of Outlook users. Here, we have compiled some of the most trusted techniques to export Outlook calendar to PDF. For the benefits of the users, we also added a complete guide to the methods. First of all, we will read a user query.

Though I am an Outlook user, I will not have access to it for next one month. But, I want to have access to the calendar entries while I work. So, I am planning to print the calendar of Outlook and pin it before my table. Can anyone tell me how to export Outlook calendar to PDF. My need is to save only the selective calendar data in PDF. Please help if you know about its solution. Thanks in advance.

How to Export Outlook Calendar to PDF

Whether you know or not, there are multiple methods available for this conversion type. Here, we will describe one manual and one automated method.

Manual Method to Convert Calendar Data to PDF

In manual method, the native options of MS Outlook are used for saving the data in PDF. No additional tools are used in this technique.

a. Open MS Outlook application on your system.

b. Open Calendar section of Outlook and navigate to the calendar of specific month.

c. Click on Menu and then select Print.

d. From the drop-down list of printer names, select Microsoft Print to PDF option.

e. Click on Print button and the calendar data will be saved as PDF file.

f. Open the saved file in Adobe Acrobat without any trouble.

Negative Aspects of Manual Method

Though this is a free method to export Outlook calendar to PDF, it has got some limitations of its own. For example, this is a lengthy method, specially if you are willing to convert calendar of selective months. To convert calendar data from multiple PST files using this method is a cumbersome task. To avoid all these disadvantages, people usually suggest using third-party applications that are fast and reliable at the same time.

Automated Method for Exporting Outlook Calendar to PDF

As we have already mentioned the limitations of the manual method, users can skip them by opting for the sure-shot solution, which is PST to PDF Converter. This application can save complete Outlook PST file data in PDF file format including calendar. During the PST file conversion, the tool does not need Outlook installation. All the metadata of the Calendar including Calendars Scheduling, Alerts Meeting, etc. are exported and kept intact in the PDF file.

Now, let us tell you how to run this software to export Outlook calendar to PDF.

Step 1: Download and launch Outlook PST to PDF Converter.

Step 2: On home screen, click on Add File option to get File and Folder option.

Step 3: If you want to add one file, select File option. For multiple files, choose Folder option and add the folder that contains all the required files.

Step 4: After adding is done, select Add.

Step 5: Now, the data will get loaded and users can view the calendar and other data items of PST file.

Step 6: Click on Export and select Calendar folder on the next screen.

Step 7: Select PDF and apply Additional Settings if needed.

Step 8: Browse to the destination location to select it.

Step 9: Click on Export button. The software will successfully export all the calendar data in PDF in a few minutes.

Step 10: After the conversion is done, you can use the PDF file for any purpose.

Spectacular Characteristics of PST to PDF Converter Tool

  • Export emails, contacts, Notes, Journals, etc. to PDF format
  • Preview all data items in different viewing modes before export
  • Convert one or multiple Outlook data file PST at the same time
  • Ability to scan and export data from damaged and corrupted PST file
  • Advanced PDF settings like Bates number, date stamp, available
  • Features like date range based filter and file naming option
  • Support for any size of PST file regardless of Outlook version
  • Option to print Outlook emails without header


This blog aims at solving the problem of exporting Calendar entries of Outlook into PDF format. After reading this blog, users will have answer to the question, how to export Outlook calendar to PDF. As we have discussed two common methods, users can go for any method based on their requirements. However, experts choose the software for its data loss free process.