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This article talks on ways to include the page numbers in PDF files. You can learn methods other than Adobe Acrobat to order and organize PDF documents.

PDF Page Numbering is an efficient mechanism to order PDF files serially and make the information retrieval simple. The bates numbering in PDF offers to insert some additional content along with the page numbers at header or footer. This is an added advantage and it helps in retrieving the data easily.

This technique is majorly used in three fields. Business, Medical, and Research. There are many other fields that have the usage of the page numbering. One important field is legal documents. This requires proper bates stamp inserted on the pages so that one can easily signify the correct document. In this case, Advocates are the main users who require page numbering or bates stamping method to organize their files.

Let us move down to know the methods that can easily add bates to PDF.

Techniques to Include Page Number in PDF File

The page numbering technique is a common method for documents. But in the case of PDF files, they cannot be altered by all applications. Thus, they need a specific utility to add page numbers to PDF. In the below section we will learn about a significant application that efficiently inserts a page number on PDF. Also, there are many other things to know about it.

But before, we just get to know one manual solution that can help many among the PDF users to include the page numbers in PDF. This option is recommended to work when you have a few PDF files to number.

Steps to Add Bates to PDF Manually

  1. Open a Web browser and log in to your Google account.
  2. Open Google Drive and upload the PDF file (s).
  3. Open the PDF with Google Docs.
  4. Go to File Menu and click on Download As option. Select the Microsoft word option.
  5. Open the downloaded document in MS Word.
  6. Go to Insert tab and click on Page number option.
  7. Select the layout of the page number. Click on Save as an option and save the file in PDF format.

This will include the Page number in PDF file. This method is lengthy and requires network connectivity for smooth upload and download of Documents. Now we get to the solution, that solves the issue and number multiple PDF files in a single process through batch processing.

Add Page Number to PDF Using PDF Bates Numberer

PDF Page numbering Tool is an exceptional application to insert bates on PDF documents. The utility offers to perform page numbering through various techniques. In addition, you can relate one PDF to the next related PDF document and organize them in a folder using Bates numbering in Series option. The utility is very easy to use and offers to add some additional text apart from the prefix and suffix added along with the page number in PDF.

Steps to Include Page Number in PDF

  • Run the application.
  • Click on the Bates menu.
  • Select the Generate Bates Number and click on Next.
  • Click on Add Files option to include PDF files for page numbering. Click on Next.
  • Enter Bates Number details: Prefix, Suffix, Number of Digits, Start number, Increment By.
  • Position of Bates Number on the page (Header/ Footer).
  • Choose File Name Convention & browse the location to save the PDFs. Click on Next.
  • Click on Generate to include the page number in PDF file (s).

This will insert the bates numbers on the PDF documents. You can go to the destination location to view the page numbered PDF files. There are some additional features awarded by this facility. Know about the functions in the section below.

Amazing Functions of PDF Bates Numbering Tool

The facility allows the PDF user to comfort their page numbering work through many functionalities. Among all, some of the majorly used functions are described below:

Remove Password Encryption from PDF file(s): The application allows you to add page numbers on protected PDF files. The user does not need to enter the password of the PDF files. It will automatically remove the encryption password before adding the page number.

Add Current Date with the Bates Stamp: There is a facility to insert the current date on all page numbers PDF files (on each page actually). You need to enable the checkbox to add the current date on each PDF page. The data will be posted on the top right corner above the bates.

Customize Page Number With Size and Color: There is a facility to customize the page number added on the PDF page. This will include a page number in PDF according to the size set and color was chosen. By default, the Font size is set to 8 and the Font color is black. You can change accordingly.

Generate Bates with File Series: This feature organizes the PDF files along with the pages of a PDF file. Each PDF file is numbered with Bates number. This helps to differ in PDF files containing similar data.

These are some functions featured to add page numbers to PDF documents. This application does not require Acrobat application for page numbering in PDF file.


PDF Bates Numbering is an efficient mechanism to organize PDF files within a folder. In the case of a large number of PDF files to handle, the best solution is to include the page numbers in PDF files. It will help you manage the PDF files and also, help in data retrieval.

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