What Realtors Must Know About Millennials


Regardless of whether you are selling a condo in Davao or a single-detached house in Metro, you must know how to deal with Millennial home buyers. The first thing to take note of is to personalize your approach. Apart from that, having a great reputation online can help you obtain Millennial clients and close a contract. With that in mind, here are some of the other things you should know about this generation of homebuyers.

Use High-touch Service Delivery Model

Millennials are referred to as the tech-savvy generation. They made social media popular and basically live by it day by day. Getting information is as quick as a few clicks and enters. If they wish to learn about something, their initial reaction is to 

“Google it”. With that, realtors must understand their need to obtain information from online resources. The high-touch service delivery model entails a quick response with minimal face-to-face interaction. Millennials look forward to pursuing a conversation through social media and online messengers. Whatever they can do without leaving their comfort zone and going out of their way, they will. 

Millennials Place High Values on Online Tools

Online tools that deliver reviews and recommendations remain the most suitable venue to get in touch with Millennial homebuyers. Part of their decision-making process depends on other people’s opinions. Whether they are looking to find an agent, property, commodity or other services, the internet is their library. With this, realtors must be able to promote their branding effectively. They must create online profiles with sufficient reviews promoting their services and skills as an agent. In addition to online tools, producing your own blog which contains happy clients and a tremendous amount of self-branding propositions accompanied by a portfolio of necessary skillset should do just the trick. 

They Rely on Realtors Negotiating Skills

One of the factors Millennials look at when looking for a reliable realtor is their negotiating skills. Negotiating with Millennials can be challenging. Yet keep in mind that Millennials are highly-motivated and creative. The key to communicating well with a Millennial homebuyer is to be transparent and collaborative. Meaning, you have to let them know the ins and outs of the home buying process to confirm their research as well as collaborate with them like you are partners. Here are some tips for enhancing your communication skills with a Millennial home buyer. 

  • Showcase your competitive advantage

Millennials know that each realtor has their own skillset. With this, be ready to stand out from a group of other realtors. By clearly specifying your unique skills to a Millennial homebuyer as early as the first meeting will bring you a step ahead of the competition. What many realtors don’t know is that Millennials would rather get to know a person first before pursuing a business transaction. 

  • Address issues jointly

If you are dealing with a Millennial buying their first house, make sure to walk them through the process. Understand that they need guidance and support. While they can be extremely smart, letting them feel that you are not only there to sell them a property but help them with the decision-making process will speed up the closure of a deal. 

They Evaluate Agents Through Others’ Ratings

Word spread quickly on social media. Ensure a good reputation online to acquire more Millennial clients. If there is one thing that Millennial buyers value, it is an online reputation. Your challenge begins with dealing with reviews about your service posted on the Internet that provide false details. The goal is to minimize or totally avoid encountering issues with clients. As much as possible, never leave a conversation with a Millennial client without proposing viable solutions. This way, you keep your reputation clean.

Their First-Home Won’t Last

A large percentage of Millennials are first-time homebuyers. With that in mind, do not be surprised if their first home doesn't last them a couple of years. Often, their first home is not their dream house. Millennials buy temporary houses due to several factors. One of which is their desire to be independent as early as possible. Yet they are smart enough not to place a huge chunk of their current savings to house property. As much as they value a house as a good financial investment, they will have to wait a couple more years before settling into their expensive dream house. 

They Need Support All The Way

Millennials rely on the internet to initially help them find a reliable realtor. After that, they become dependent on the realtor to walk them through the home buying process. Take note, buying a house for them is a big leap toward independence. Furthermore, Millennials find it difficult to understand the tedious process of home buying because they are used to the fast process carried out with the use of the Internet. With this, you should not only act as a salesperson but also as an educator who will guide them every step of the way.

Key Takeaway

Selling a condo in Davao to Millennial clients might force you to change your client acquisition strategies and approach. Working with Millennials can be exciting if you look at the brighter side, which is having the opportunity to be part of the buying process. By understanding their mindset, you will be able to discover how you can make them sign the contract. Establish your reputation today and expect to receive a call in the future from Millennials looking to buy their next big property.