Which One to Opt For- Home Schooling vs. Boarding School vs. Regular School



Education is an important part of a child's life. Here, they are trained so that they can hone their skills to survive the hardships of life. But the hardest decision is to choose the best format of education for your child. Let us try to understand the different options that you can choose from while deciding which system will be the most suitable.

What is home-schooling?

It's an education system based on the concept of coaching children at the house. The home-schooling  set-up is growing in recent years. Many parents are choosing homeschooling as a way of educating their children.

There are various reasons associated with it:

  • Families may have different holy philosophies which may disallow putting student to study in institutes that focus on a different religion than their own, just like many Catholics believe that their children should not be exposed to any other religion apart from there’s.
  • They are highly beneficial for students who are physically challenged or need special attention.
  • It has been seen that students get more benefit from homeschooling than from public school settings.
  • As a parent, you get to spend more time with your children
  • You save time that you would’ve otherwise spent on dropping and picking your child up

Process of homeschooling

While enrolling in home-schooling, parents have to decide a curriculum that is followed by the rest of the school across states. As they are themselves the teachers,  they are required to match up to the standard of other schools since parents get more freedom than a regular school. While homeschooling, children learn at their tempo without facing any competition with other students.

Teaching your child is not as easy as it sounds and can become a full time job. It could be challenging and involve thorough planning and implementation. It also limits exposure to extracurricular activities and interaction with students of their age.


  • Children get undivided attention from their parents
  • Parents have control over the curriculum
  • There is the convenience of studying at home without going anywhere


  • Parents remain obligated to teach no matter what
  • Limited social interactions
  • No access to various resources that are available to children studying in a regular school, for example: labs.

Next, let us understand the concept of the regular school system

What is a regular school?

A regular school, also called a day school, children spend around 6-7 hours in school following a curriculum. In this scenario, parents are responsible for picking and dropping their children to school.  They are equally involved with the teacher for their academics.

There are various reasons why parents choose a regular school:

  • They get to be more involved in their children's lives.
  • Students have the freedom to choose the extracurricular activities they want to engage in after school
  • Children form new friendships with different age groups.
  • Parents have control over and full involvement with their children's lives.

Process of regular school

Parents have to fill the application form of the school they want to send their child to. Usually, admission is decided based on distance, sibling, and the government decided quota and lottery system. Many schools also ask for a donation. Getting admission in a desirable school can become difficult. Many schools interview parents and children as well before allotting them a seat in their school.


  • Offer equal involvement of parents
  • Offer many extracurricular activities
  • Children make new friends and are open to social interactions as well


  • A large number of students make it difficult for a teacher to give individual attention to every child
  • There is a frequent test conducted to prove that your child is fit to go to the next level of class
  • Constant attention and pampering from parents can spoil a child.

What are boarding schools?

Boarding schools are based on the concept that a child has to live on campus along with other students. They stay, study and meet their parents only when scheduled or during holidays. They live in a hostel under the eye of the warden and other authorities, who are there to protect and guide them.

It follows proper time-table; from a specific time set for waking up to study and leisure time, everything is scheduled. Visit and advertise goods for free.

The reason why parents choose boarding schools

  • Parents are both working and want to invest in quality education
  • Children learn to make their own decisions, independent of their parent's involvement
  • Children will be less distracted towards materialisctic things
  • They become more focused on their future.


  • Discipline is the focus
  • They create a learning environment that helps the child focus on achieving
  • Children learn to become independent in their lives


  • Children tend to feel home-sick
  • They are under constant pressure to study and follow rules which means less free time
  • Fees of boarding schools are quite high compared to regular schools