Investing in a Condo

Why Investing in a Condo is a Must for Millennials


Condo living delivers plenty of benefits to millennials today. From amenities aligned with the needs and preferences of the younger generation to the location of the condo building.

Indeed, condominiums are more suitable for the kind of lifestyle millennials live. Choosing to live in a condo in Quezon city near establishments enables millennials to have their work and leisure in one area. With that in mind, here are the reasons why investing in a condo remains the best option for the younger generation.

Proximity to Work and Leisure

One of the many reasons why Millennials must invest in a condominium before pouring savings into a single-detached home is its proximity to work and leisure. Millennials today are focused on their careers, which is why family making remains a thing of the future.

As they put their time and focus on their jobs, careers, and hobbies, it is just right to obtain a condominium located in the city compared to a house inside a village, far from the urban areas. Apart from that, condominiums are commonly located within business districts and establishments that offer entertainment or leisure. Given a care-free and career-focused lifestyle, condominiums offer the best of both worlds. 

Fewer Utilities Mean Less Maintenance Required 

Condominium living means there are fewer utilities to maintain. Usually, the maintenance of utilities is covered by condo fees. Apart from being career-focused, Millennials also choose to spend their spare time learning new skills instead of mowing the lawn, taking care of a garden, and cleaning an entire house.

With this, condo living is the most suitable type of housing for them. In terms of cleaning, they can hire cleaning services. Since condos are smaller compared to a house, it is easier to clean and tidy up. 

To Avoid Being House-broke Due to Expensive Rent 

Millennials save a portion of their salary as a disposable income. The money that they can spend on leisure like shopping, expensive dining, and travel. Living in a house requires a chunk of their salary.

With that, condominiums present a cheaper housing alternative. Moreover, with the kind of lifestyle Millennials are living, they stay indoors less. Having a house to maintain is something that will get them tied up indoors. 

To Avail the Amenities Tailored to Needs and Preferences

From free use of gyms, lap pools, fitness centers, and spas, amenities are the number one reason why Millennials should opt to acquire a condominium. Condo amenities are tailored to the activities, interests, and lifestyles of many millennials today.

Apart from fitness facilities, millennials will also benefit from condominiums that are pet-friendly and offer green space. Space is usually a lanai-like space that can be a venue for quiet time and relaxation. 

Have the Opportunity to Design Space on a Budget

The small space of a condo can be a venue to exercise their inner interior design skills and creativity. With square footage to design, there is no need to invest a large chunk of savings to purchase furniture.

Apart from that, some condominiums already come fully furnished. Meaning, pieces of furniture like beds, cabinets, and couches need to be moved into the condo space. 

Obtain a Secure Place

When it comes to the security of condominiums, it is given that guards roam and CCTV or camera surveillances spread across almost all floors. Apart from that, visitors and guests are being asked to leave their IDs on the front desk or reception which makes it easier to track the people going in and out of the condominium.

With that, you do not have to worry about your safety. Of course, you still have to ensure your own protection and safety of your belongings. 

Obtaining a Condominium is a Solid Investment

A condominium can be a source of income. For instance, if you are leaving the country for a couple of months, you can put your unit up for rent within the duration of your absence.

Renting a short-term condo unit in the Philippines has become a lucrative business. Imagine the amount of income you can earn if you allow your condo unit to be rented while you are gone. 

Have the Chance to Meet New People

Condominiums located near universities and business districts are home to young professionals. With that, there is a chance for networking. Millennials love being surrounded by people with the same interests and profession.

They take pleasure in long and meaningful conversations about life and career. With the condominium’s amenities perfect for hanging out, the activities offered are indeed fit for the needs and preferences of Millennials.

Key Takeaway

Obtain access to amenities like fitness facilities and alleviate the stress of having to travel far distances to get to work. For those who are working in the Pasig or Makati area, a condo in Quezon city remains a great place to reside. Always prioritize comfort and security when looking for a condominium to fully reap the benefits of condo living without setbacks. 

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