Excessive Stress

6 Male Disorders That Are Caused Due To Excessive Stress



Some people think that diseases or disorders are caused due to the invasion of bacteria or viruses. But stress is one of the internal factors in our body that can also be responsible for a variety of disorders.

Stress can affect our body in more than one way. It can also affect the immune system and make it weaker resulting in our body to become more prone to infections and flu.

Here are some of the disorders that are caused due to stress- 

  1. Insomnia

Insomnia is one of the direct results that is experienced immediately within a few days. If you suffer from high levels of stress, this may affect your sleep, especially at night. You may experience a lack of sleep during the night.

During stress, our body secretes adrenaline hormone. This results in our body to become active instead of feeling sleepy. Over a long time, the person gradually develops insomnia. Persons are also not able to sleep at a stretch.

To reduce stress you have to maintain a few things. Try to avoid sleeping pills if necessary. Do not take coffee and avoid caffeine. Do not do heavy exercises or manual work that involves a lot of physical activity. Try to dim the lights as much as possible and avoid smartphone and switch it off.

2. Heart-related diseases including high blood pressure

Stress is one of the major causes of heart-related diseases. During stressful conditions, our heart rate goes up and the heart muscles become tighter as they have to pump more blood. It is due to signals that are triggered by the brain.

During stress, it has been seen that our body releases cortisol hormone. Due to the high heartbeat blood flow in our body is increased. This also causes the body to release cholesterol and triglycerides into the bloodstream both of which are not good for the heart. This can increase your blood cholesterol levels and make you prone to obesity or diabetes.

People suffering from chronic stress attacks over a long time have their cardiac muscles damaged due to the general wear and tear. This can cause blood clots inside the heart leading to heart attack.

Chronic stress can also increase the blood pressure gradually. High blood pressure may also damage arteries and cause different types of nerve disorders. 

3. ED

Stress can be one of the biggest contributors to ED. Due to stress, you may experience difficulty in having erections. This is also something that occurs gradually over time. But it can be cured temporarily with Fildena 100 for ED treatment

What happens is that people suffering from acute stress suffer from a lack of sexual drive. During stressful situations, your body is excited due to which you are not able to feel the need for having sex.

Penis erections are triggered by the brain that make you sexually aroused. But in a person with acute stress, he may not have such types of feelings. Although this can be temporarily treated with Fildena 100for ED treatment you have to deal with stress problems permanently. 

Depression and anxiety

Due to stress over a long period a person may start feeling guilty, hopeless and this is the beginning of depression. Depressed persons feel very sad, alone, fell guilt and shame due to excessive stress.

Those persons suffering from chronic stress may have a high chance of suffering from depression. In due time the persons become so demoralized that it may trigger feelings of suicide and physical harm. This is the severe stage of depression.

Anxiety and panic disorders can also common due to stress. Anxiety is characterized by nervousness and fear. In any stressful condition, a person may have such feelings. Persistent chronic stress can lead to anxiety and panic attacks frequently.

If you have feelings of fear, nervousness, sudden mood changes feelings of guilt and suicidal thoughts it is better to consult a psychologist as early as possible. Stress is often ignored but over time it may have havoc consequences in your body.  


There are various studies to show that cancer might be caused due to stress. Due to stressful conditions over a prolonged period, our immunity system grows weaker and thus it is unable to fight off diseases like cancer. Studies have also shown that treatments are less effective on patients who are suffering from cancer and stress at the same time.

For this, medical researchers are introducing newer therapies such as relaxation therapy, meditations, yoga, music, and pet therapy. You need to find out the contributing factors to stress that are contributing to your stress and anxiety.


Stress can increase the chances of diabetes significantly. Due to excessive stress, the blood sugar levels may increase drastically within a very period. People suffering from stress may have higher chances of a sudden rise in blood sugar levels.

When your body suffers from extreme stress your body reacts by releasing more glucose and from the liver. Also due to the increase in the secretion of the cortisol hormone, it reduces the action of insulin. Thus insulin is not able to act actively on blood sugar and thus blood sugar levels may skyrocket.

To avoid this, these people have to take insulin shots or medicines regularly. They also have to keep checking blood sugar levels regularly.

So, you can find that stress taking can be highly expensive for your life and good health. It is fact that at some conditions you feel that you cannot omit the stress, but still keep in your mind these ailments – nothing can be more precious than your life.