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What child’s Dental care Facts and Myths you should know?


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At many times is difficult to distinguish between the truth behind the facts and the fantasy following the myths. This difficulty arises because many of the myths are so much practiced in the society that they have taken the shape of facts. But they still remain a myth and have no truth in them.

Myths you shouldn’t believe at all

There are many myths about dental care of children that have been developed that have become a part of your lives. But according to emergency dentist Tulsa you should never believe then because they are the cause of damage to your child’s teeth. Below are a few myths that you have to never ever regard as authentic.

No need to Clean Infant Teeth

When the child is about 4 months old; it is to be expected that the first tooth is going to erupt. The size of the baby teeth is very small and on occasions, it becomes hard to clean them. So many parents leave ad don’t bother to clean the teeth as they think there is no need.

Give Baby bottle before sleeping

It is another myth that people blindly follow. It is very dangerous for the good health of the teeth of your child to give milk or juice in the bottle when he/ she are going to bed for sleep. Parents are comfortable with this thing but they shouldn’t be because it is a major cause of teeth decay.

Don’t clean teeth after breastfeeding

It is quite alarming when mothers don’t clean the teeth, gums and inner part of the mouth of their child. They have a common concept that breast milk is less terrible when it comes to tooth decay. To some extent it is true but not cleaning is unavoidable in any case.

Give bottle nipple instead of a pacifier

Many parents when they don’t find their child’s pacifier; give them bottle nipple to suck when they are crying. They can get confused and when they are given an actual bottle to feed will not take the milk and just suck it like a pacifier. The child can also refuse to breastfeed and even the sucking habits can change.

Baby teeth will fall off so no need to look out for cavities

Cavities are very threatening to the oral health during the stage of losing baby teeth.Parents don’t bother to focus on the cavities, but it can be threatening as problems will create in the coming years. As soon as your child starts showing teeth; you have to visit a child’s dentist that is nearest you like Pediatric Dentist Tulsa.

Cut down sugar to prevent decay

To some extent sugar is the offender that causes decay. There are other habits that need to either be avoided or taken into consideration.Your child has to avoid other foods and drinks especially containing citric acid. Teach them different good dental habits along with cutting down sugar in their diet.

Trust in these Facts told by emergency dentist Tulsa

It is also critical to know the facts about oral health care so that you can determine which info is a myth and other is truth. If you want to have authentic information then you can always visit the Best Pediatric Dentist for Your Child to confirm the six facts that are mentioned below.

Tooth decay can be averted

To your utmost surprise, the tooth decay can be averted. The effects of decay can be minimized through various preventive measures and dental treatments. You can start by brushing teeth twice a day, use floss and mouthwash, eat healthy food and use fluoride in your daily use. Or go to a pediatric dentist who will apply dental sealants on your baby teeth.

Dental care starts when baby teeth erupt

As soon as you see the first tooth emerging from the gums; from that moment you have to start caring for the teeth and gums. The baby teeth are very fragile so extra attention has to be given.  You can clean the teeth and gums gently with a soft towel or cloth. It should be done two times a day.

Teeth decay is generally affecting everyone

Teeth decay is the most common health issue that children face from their early till late childhood. Every seventh or eighth child is suffering from this oral problem. Teeth decay ultimately leads to cavities and eventually loss of teeth. If you have thought that flu, cold or other illness is common amongst then think again and remember this fact.

Poor oral health of the mother affects the child

Have you ever thought as to why doctors suggest mothers who are pregnant to develop healthy habits? One reason is that the nature and the manner of the mother are transferred into the child. When the oral health of the mother will be bad it will directly affect the child’s as well.

It is cheap to maintain good dental health

Many parents make excuses that they are unable to buy oral care products because they are too expensive. This is a very lame excuse as toothbrush, paste; floss and mouthwash areavailable in cheap prices.

Visit the Pediatric Dentist by the one year age

Visiting emergency dentist Tulsa becomes compulsory when your child reaches one year of age. It is till then that 20 teeth erupt so caring for them becomes essential to avoid further problems.

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