Hair Transplant Surgery

What is the Cost of Hair Transplant Surgery?


Nowadays, most of people are suffering from a hair loss problem. Yes, hair loss is a terrifying problem for everyone. Surprisingly, one can bring back the natural hair, it seems like magic. For a few decades away, there is a huge improvement in the field of cosmetic surgery and so people will get a chance to bring the natural hair back. Everyone’s dream is to have dense hair to get a natural look. If you are the one who is experiencing severe hair loss problems, then why don’t you go with the hair transplant surgery?

In the present scenario, it has become possible to find the problems of hair loss easily, right? Thanks to cosmetic surgery since there is a permanent solution for your hair loss problem. With the help of hair transplant surgery, you are free to keep away the baldness problems and so you no need to cover the scalp hereafter. If you are the one who is feeling of thin or patchy hair, then it is the time to go with the hair transplant surgery to get rid of severe hair loss problems.  

When you are ready to go with the hair transplant surgery, then you will not get a chance to see the results within weeks. Since the hairs are taken out from the donor’s head and then transplanted into the patient's head, so it takes some time to grow naturally. At least, the surgery takes 60-8 months and so you need to have more patience to get the better results. Of course, having black dense hair is a dream for everyone and so hair transplant is the best remedy and treatment for hair loss problems. The hair transplant cost in Ludhiana is relatively low when compared to other cities!

Why choose hair transplant surgery?

Hair transplant surgery is carried out under two methods such as FUE and FUT. Out of two, most of the surgeons will suggest FUE treatment to get better results. Yes, FUE is an advanced hair transplantation surgery and more sophisticated as well. In this technique, the hair follicles are taken out from the back scalp of the donor’s head which is then transplanted into the patient’s head where there is a space on the head.

The surgeons will keep on doing the procedure until the patient’s head get full dense of hair. To carry out the surgical process, patients are given local anesthesia.  When it comes to its cost, truly speaking the hair transplant cost in ludhiana is entirely based on the experience of the surgeons and medical equipment they were used. Approximately, Ludhiana charges nearly more than RS.50 per graft.

Moreover, if you go with an experienced surgeon, then you will be charged somewhat extra more than what you have expected. As a whole, the treatment is carried out for more than 4-5 hours and then you will be discharged from the hospital within a few hours later after the treatment. Get ready to go with the hair transplant surgery and get full dense hair back!