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7 Must-Follow Tips For Plus Size Formal Wear


Having a great wardrobe means having clothes that look good and fit well. This stays true regardless of what your body type is. Of course, most women usually have a great number of durable outfits made from hard-wearing fabric like denim. But formal dresses are the one type of clothing that offers the biggest challenge, especially for a plus-sized woman. Luckily, this blog is here to help you out.

7 Tips to Choose the Best Plus Size Formal Dresses

This may not be news to you, but plus-size dresses come in several silhouette styles. Each style tries to either emphasize certain aspects of your body or de-emphasize others. Of course, the best style for you depends on what body type you have.

This will help you determine whether you should go for semi-formal outfits for ladies, or a gown, or even an evening dress. It helps if you can take a look at the chart below to figure out what body type you have.

Found your body type on the chart? Great! Let’s move on to these seven tips to follow for plus-sized formal wear:

  1. Off The Shoulder – To Add Weight To Your Upper Half
  2. Corset – For An Exaggerated Hourglass Figure
  3. Straight – For Broader Shoulders
  4. Peplum – Ruffles That Emphasize Your Curves
  5. Empire – To Draw Attention Upwards
  6. A-Line – For Full-Figured Women
  7. Bonus Tip – Color and Occasion

Let’s take a quick look at these tips below.

Off The Shoulder – To Add Weight To Your Upper Half

Off-the-shoulder formal wear shows off your bosom and cleavage to its greatest advantage. They usually come with one-inch thick sleeves that wrap around your shoulders instead of a conventional fit. The result is added weight to your upper torso, which is great when your hips are broader than your shoulders. If you can find an A-line, off-the-shoulder dress, it should give you an emphasized hourglass figure.

Corset – For An Exaggerated Hourglass Figure

Corsets have been in fashion since the 17th Century AD, and are making a serious comeback four centuries later. Corset dresses use a panel that snugly fits all or part of your torso. There are several kinds of corsets, including shaped ones or boned ones that emphasize the pinched waist. However, almost all corsets come with laced detail on the back. Lacing up cinches the corset around the waist, which releases around the hips while pushing your bosom upward. The result is a striking hourglass figure that works well for any body type.

Straight – For Broader Shoulders

Straight formal dresses combine comfort with an effortless grace to give you a formal-casual look to die for. Straight dresses don’t come with a built-in waistline. Instead, it just uses your shoulders and falls down in a straight line. These dresses are great for women who have wider shoulders or narrower hips. It also works well for women with shoulders and hips of the same width, as in a rectangle body type.

Peplum – Ruffles That Emphasize Your Curves

Peplum dresses feature a ruffle at the waist that emphasizes your natural curves into an hourglass figure. The ruffle flares out a few inches after wrapping itself around your natural waistline. The overall result is a smaller-looking waist compared to your hips and shoulders. Oval body types, as well as women with rectangle bodies, can use peplum dresses to balance their waist with the rest of their body.

Empire – To Draw Attention Upwards

Instead of having a waistline, Empire dresses gather just beneath your bustline. This helps it draw attention towards your upper body rather than the lower half. Empire dresses are best-suited for triangle, oval, and rectangle body types. You can find them in varying lengths, from short tunics to full-length dresses.

A-Line – For Full-Figured Women

A-line dresses work well with almost any plus-sized body type and do a great job of emphasizing your natural figure. They flare out around the hips in a triangle and are tighter around the waist and bust. The result is a subtle emphasis on your curves, giving you an hourglass-like appearance.

Bonus Tip – Color and Occasion

You need to mix up your dresses based on the colors that look good on you and the occasions you have to wear them to. Black usually works well for all skin tones and body types. But you can also play with other colors as well. For business meetings, try a peplum dress or an A-line, which makes for an interesting change from formal pants for women. Don’t forget to choose colors in keeping with the occasion you’re wearing your dress to. If it’s lunch by the beach, go for bright colors and empire dresses.

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