dopted Child with these big Ideas

Create an Everlasting Bond with Adopted Child with these big Ideas


Creating an everlasting bond with the adopted child can be easy and at the same time be hard. Each of the experiences that the adoptive parents have is different because most of them have adopted newly born babies who can’t distinguish between the real and adoptive parents. But for older children, it is a complicated matter.

Big Ideas for Creating an Everlasting Bond with Adopted Child

You must have heard of many stories and personal experiences mentioning encounters with children who couldn’t bond with the adoptive parents. But not all have the same ordeal. There are many who successfully secured a good relationship with the child. Below are a few great ideas suggested by Adoption Lawyers in Atlanta for bonding with the child.

Be Supportive

Several of the children who are put up for adoption come from families that are not sympathetic towards the child. For these children supporting them in everything is very crucial as they will know that the adoptive parents are with them and never leave their side; no matter what the situation and circumstances are.

Connect through Emotion

Many people think that providing the adopted children with wealth will strengthen the bond. But it is not true money can’t buy happiness or the smile on the face of the child when you show your love and affection to them. You should not hide your emotions and feelings from the child because this will help him/ her understand you.

Give them a lot of Time

Each child has his/ her own period of adjustment; some children bond with the adopted parents within weeks but others might never do. You should not worry and give them time and space to adapt to the new environment. Rushing them into various things and routines can be a bad influence.

Develop Activities

Older children have lots of activities to do and games to play. They want someone to play with them; so take this opportunity and play with them. It is best that you play the child’s favorite game. In this way, you can come close to the child and understand him/ her well.  

Patience is the Best Remedy

If you are troubled about the result of the adoption and what behavior the adopted child will show then patience is the best remedy. Rushing into reaching the conclusion can negatively affect the relationship between you and the child. Everything needs time to settle and reach the right path so patiently wait for the child to be accustomed to the whole situation.

Consult Adoption Lawyers in Atlanta

There are times when the child gets out of control and he/ she starts creating problems and the adoptive parent has nothing to do with it. At this time you have to consult experts like Tom Tebeau to handle the delicate situation.

Help form Child’s Peers

Children have known to learn a lot from their peers. Peer influence is what you can benefit from. Ask friends of your adopted child to help you in explaining difficult situations. Even older kids who have experienced the process of adoption and are now happy can tell their story to your child.

Don’t Take Rejection Seriously

Older children may deny the love you are giving them. It is natural that adopted children feel like that because they take time to cope with the separation from the parents and get along with total strangers. If you will react negatively then it may happen that you never make a bond with them; so don’t take the rejection seriously.

Eye Contact is Necessary

The newly adopted children find it hard to communicate properly with other family members. Make them feel comfortable by making eye contact with them. But remember not to overdo it as they can feel uncomfortable. This will slowly develop a feeling of confidence in the child.

Respect the Child’s Religious and Cultural Believes

If the child is belonging to another religious or cultural group then you have to be respectful to the beliefs. Give them the freedom to celebrate special days and occasions related to their religion or culture. It will be a good idea that you celebrate the event together.

Give them Freedom of Choice

There are many instances when you can give the child the freedom to make their own independent decisions. You can make them decide about their everyday clothing, meals at the restaurant, activities, and games to play and theme for various occasions.

No criticism of Birth Parents

A child will never listen to the criticism of his/ her parents; whether it is true or false. Don’t criticize the parents in front of the child. If you think that you are doing good then you are mistaken; no child will listen about bad things said to the parent even if it is true.

Have Conversations

Adoption Lawyers in Atlanta give a big suggestion to talk to the child. Whatever problem he/ she have must be sorted out through conversation and open communication. Even trivial problems and complications can be solved by talking to each other.