Damn Lies about Belt Packaging

Damn Lies about Belt Packaging-Read it



Belts are among important apparel accessories that are used excessively. Their packaging is also of key importance as it really helps people to keep their belts safe and usable for a long time. The boxes for belts are usually designed from high-end cardboard and Kraft paper materials which make sure that these boxes can serve the packed items for a longer time period. They contain higher printing quality including high definition graphics, catchy fonts, unique color combinations, high-end printing inks, embossed logos, and printed product and brand details, which makes packages a unique and exclusive marketing and branding tool for brands and maximize their sales and profits.

Customization Features and lamination:

The strength of these packages majorly depends on the customization features and lamination elements. They contain wide-ranging customization choices including perforation; window cuts, die-cutting, lids, friction locks, and many more that enhance their attraction as well as their durability product protection capabilities. Their lamination with high-quality gloss, matte and spot UV coating materials is also exclusive for making them moisture and humidity resistant. All these features of these high-end packages are inspiring apparel brands to utilize them to make their names big in the market as they not only enhance the worth of packaged belts but also sales with their marketing efficiencies.

Causes of Fake Packaging:

Unfortunately, with increasing the usage of technology and developing copycat production techniques, counterfeit or fake packaging and brands are taking place in the market as about 7% of the world trade is based on counterfeit products. Such brands use fake packaging solutions in order to gain the attention of maximum people on the name of the original brands. Specifically in the fashion and textile industries, the use of fake packaging is becoming a great threat to the original brands. So, the utilization of fake packaging many time get exposed by the packaging itself.

Some lies about Belt Packaging that you may face:

Fake packaging of the belts can make your invested income waste by getting low-end products at the prices of perfect ones. Here we are going to elaborate some of many lies that you can face with belt packing or recognizing them can make it easy for you to avoid counterfeit belt products.

1.     High-Quality Packaging for Low-Quality Products:

Fake brands always try to use high-quality boxes for their low-quality products in order to take advantage of the high-end belt packing and attract a maximum number of customers. They are a bit difficult to get exposed but they also make mistakes in the assembling or packaging of the counterfeit items that can let us know about their frauds. They use graphics of leather belts but on unboxing you can get rexine made belts. So, this is the way in which fake belt brands deceive their customers. In order to avoid them always go for the packaging that contains window cuts for easy observation of the packaged items.

2.     Bigger box sizes with smaller products:

Brands also use large boxes for small products like belts in order to make their customers fascinated with the packaging quality and volume. Apart from the belt gift box, many other packaging solutions are in the practice by brands that are making their customers fool and are maximizing their sales. Over packaging can also be identified as a packaging lie to allure customers and make them buying fake products.

3.     Printing Exaggeration:

Fake apparel brands use exaggerated printing and offer on their belt box storage as a marketing strategy to deceive their customers with low-quality products. They try to pose that their belts are unbeatable in quality and functionality with the help of excessive use of fascinating slogans and details. We observe that every brand including apparel and belts always tries to maximize their profits without caring about the customer’s welfare, so if you are going to make a purchase of high-quality belts always try to opt for authentic brands.

4.     Online Shopping Frauds:

Online businesses are majorly involved in providing fake products in alluring packaging solutions. For example, when we concentrate on the eco-friendly packaging and the respective brands are claiming about their availability, most of the time on the delivery packaging will not be eco-friendly as their material can be of plastic or other low-quality materials. Also in the belt packaging, one can face such issues. Even you can get empty packages if you are shopping online.


No one wants to get a low-quality product in the price of a higher quality item, but in the modern business world, where technology is helping industries in growing fast and innovating products, it also helping the fake brands to spoil the name of the original ones. From the above discussion about the possible lies about the Boxes for belts we can conclude that no doubt packaging is the key to the success of businesses, but it is also the packaging that might ruin the brand reputation and customer’s trust. Avoiding from getting overly packaged, printing exaggerated and loose fit packaging of the products like belts can be a way to avoid fake products.