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As we all know food is an important part of our life and for our survival, without food, we couldn’t show our hidden skills and manpower, because we need food to gain energy to work our daily tasks efficiently. But here, we are going to talk about the best outdoor food restaurant near me, because the ambiance is as much important as the food itself.  If you're looking for the hottest restaurants near you, then look no further.

Here we will tell the best examples of outdoor food restaurants near me and a few amazing fast-food restaurants.

Most of people expect many things while before going for dining, like stylish and fascinating interior, a variety of delicious food items, professional staff and the most important location and ambiance of that place.

Here, we bring a few amazing outdoor in different restaurants near me countries of the whole World.

 Best Outdoor Food Restaurants

The Monal Islamabad, Pakistan

Nothing compares to the serene natural beauty and feeling of being comfy, cozy while you really decided to explore the secret food restaurants in Pakistan. Pakistan is a beautiful country with a variety of seasons, it is a blessing when the weather makes your travel more perfect and memorable. To make your day even more special, spend your time at one of the best and fantastic food restaurants in Pakistan.

If you’re traveling toward this beautiful and while staying there in Islamabad then head toward this fantastic food restaurant near me, named ‘’The Monal’’. This restaurant is offering wonderful serene and breath-taking natural views and an Arial view of the green city of Pakistan.

The restaurant has an extensive menu along with its beautiful and cozy ambiance. The menu includes European or traditional breakfast, variety of healthy salads, hot soups, seafood items, pasta, steaks, BBQ, fried rice, platters including Pakistan platters, desserts, fast food along with a range of hot beverages, hot and cold coffee and seasonal fresh fruit juices or shakes.

 Whenever you are in Pakistan, you could explore much amazing fast food restaurants and outdoor romantic places here. You would also make your travel memorable and fantastic.

Nicole Restaurant, Turkey

Turkey is one of the best and amazing cities to visit and explore, and when we talk about beautiful places in turkey then how we forgot about food restaurants in turkey. We have seen many outdoor setting restaurants in turkey which make us relish with the serene environment of Turkey. Nicole restaurant is one of them, established by the chef Aylin Yazicioglu, in Turkey.

the restaurant is beautifully established at the seaside to offer foodies beautiful and cozy ambiance and fantastic food in one place. Nicole restaurant is famous due to its French cuisine which is cooked with fresh ingredients and beautifully served to the guests.

While sitting in this amazing restaurant and enjoying your fantastic food you could capture the serene beauty of the Istanbul city. The most important and appreciating thing about this restaurant is that they design their menu according to seasonal changes and make their guests dining memorable and full of flavors. If you want to make your dining romantic, memorable and fantastic then head toward this amazing fast food restaurant near me in Turkey.

Alba Terrace, Abu Dhabi

When we talk about the beautiful islands of the World, Abu Dhabi is one of them. Everyone loves modern infra-structured buildings, hotels, shopping malls, tourist places, and food places. But here, we are going to talk only about the best outdoor food restaurants on this amazing island, so how we forgot Alba Terrace in Dubai.

We have seen many beautiful outdoor restaurants in Abu Dhabi but Alba Terrace is my favorite. Alba will become demanding food restaurants when the weather turns into romantic, people would love to rush toward this amazing food place to enjoy natural wonders with utmost desires.

You would have noticed pool infinities there, but the outdoor area always ready to capture your attention beautifully. As we all know that Abu Dhabi is such an amazing island which always ready to serve tourists from all over the World. People rush toward this city to have a good time with family, friends and enjoy beautiful places in Dubai.

It is a perfect place for travelers, vloggers, and bloggers to capture the wonders of nature in the desert. Alba Terrace always tries to serve foodies with the best food items and serene outdoor environment as beautiful as it can.

 So whenever you have the plan to visit Abu Dhabi must-visit Alba Terrace and enjoy the beautiful natural views, especially in the evening. They provide the best Mediterranean plates and Sicilian cheesecake in the town, so try and enjoy it fully.

Boundary Rooftop, London

The Boundary Rooftop is such an amazing food restaurant in London. The boundary rooftop food place turns into part of heaven when the weather becomes more beautiful and romantic.

The Boundary rooftop restaurant is a perfect example of Southern France themed restaurant in London. They design their menu to meet the seasonal demands of their clients and always try to celebrate seasonal ingredients arrival in the form of new food items

. It is one of the best outdoor food restaurants near me in London. You could enjoy a beautiful green serene ambiance along with a seasonal menu and relish it fully. 

Garden Café, the Fern Ahmedabad, India

As many of you visited this beautiful city of India, named Ahmedabad. This historical city offers wonderful and amazing dining places and restaurants, but here we are going to talk about Garden Café or the Fern. Garden café is a restaurant cum 4-star hotel in Ahmedabad who serves 24/7. Once you visit Garden Café you could find amazing and beautiful indoor and outdoor places to enjoy your food with your friends and family. As the name defines the garden area of this beautiful café and restaurant, you could find a large wall there, where waterfall beautifully toward down with its running water sound and beautiful effect.

The restaurant offers vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine and traditional food items in plenty. If you ever visit this beautiful historical city of India, you must rush toward this garden café cum 4-star hotel.

Now enjoy these amazing outdoor food restaurants of your countries and appreciate our efforts to bring them in light.