Make Your First Anniversary Special with These Awesome Gifts


You have completed one entire year of a happy wedding life- CONGRATULATIONS! The first anniversary comes with a thousand memories of togetherness that you two have shared.  The day calls for wine, gifts, anniversary roses and a lot of celebration. Make sure to make the day all about you two and surprise your spouse in unique ways.

Picking a gift for your husband or wife can be very romantic but it might get challenging too. The gift you choose should reflect your relationship or the journey you have had together. Remember, the day is not just about them but about you two as a couple. You can go for the classic, evergreen gifts like a wedding anniversary bouquet and a ring or you can do a lot more creative things. Here are some brilliant gift ideas to make your first anniversary memorable:

  • Couple Oriented Gifts
    The safest gift options are the ones which specifically target couples and lovers. Moreover, they come in a plethora of options and you can pick what would suit your partner’s personality. From couple key rings to passport covers, heart pendants to quirky stationery, the list goes on. Just make sure the gift is not just fancy but also serves some purpose. While a home decor item would look fancy, it would just stand on the shelf and cleaning it would be a hassle. Instead, go for something useful like mugs, candles, couple watches, and so on.
  • Wine Glasses
    If you people are among those couples who enjoy wine over coffee after a long day, wine glasses would be an ideal gift for your wife/husband. What’s better? Get your significant other’s name engraved on the glass. To make it look more “couple-y”, you can even get one engraved for yourself. This way, the set would be complete. If not names, you can buy glasses that come with cute symbols or romantic texts etched on them. Don’t forget to send flowers to ahmedabad to go well with the gift.
  • Tickets to a Show
    Be it a spoken word fest or their favourite singer’s live concert, every couple has their own favorites. Anniversary is the time to do what both of you can enjoy together. As we said earlier, it is not just about them or you, it about you both together. Spend an evening together watching your beloved artist play violin or your favorite drama played on stage.

Home-cooked Meal
If your significant other cooks every day, make them take the day off and you wear the chef’s hat. Get to the kitchen and impress them with your culinary skills. It does not have to be a four course meal or something extravagant. Just a simple dish or a baked cake would also be fine. Play some romantic tunes, light those scented candles and set the mood right. You can even order flowers from Bloomsvilla and some heart-shaped balloons to take it to the next level. Always remember, it is not the gift but the thoughts and effort that are more important. Don’t try to make something complicated as you might end up cooking something inedible. Start with the basic and go simple.

  • A Relaxing Spa
    A relaxing spa after an exhausting day at work is always a good idea. It is also a great way of spending some time together. Do your bookings in advance, pick them up from their office and drive them to the salon. They would love this surprise and you would get plenty of time to relax and talk to each other. After all, who wouldn’t want a calming day at spa with the person they love the most?

These are some great gifting options to please your beloved on your first anniversary. In case you live in another country, you can even send flowers to gurgaon for your spouse or partner. You can even video call them to make your presence felt. More than any gift, it is your time and affection that every relationship demands. Make sure you make each other feel special in  every way possible and shower each other with all the love in the world. Have a happy anniversary!

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