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Men’s Style: Want to Look Good on Anything? Read This!



Navigating through the racks of a department store can be pretty overwhelming because you'll have to ask yourself, where do I even begin? Nowadays, men wonder if they could spice up their dressing game, whether they're fashion devotees or not. We can all appreciate and agree that there is power in a power suit or a special jacket. 

Men's fashion today is definitely winning after substantial evolution. And to prove that, look at men's high-end fashion today, it's just on pace to womenswear. From the biggest fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton to Balenciaga to smaller sized fashion houses; men's streetwear clothing has even developed to become big businesses.

Men today are very much open when it comes to exploring new trends and styles with their clothes, shoes, or other accessories. They try different colors, patterns, and dynamic fabrics which all add a sense of spice and uniqueness. However, not everybody is nailing the game. But as long as you can pull it off confidently, then every bad experiment becomes your own personal show. 

Keep reading these amazing easy tips that anyone can follow to help you feel confident in whatever you wear. 

Tip #1: Be Yourself 

Sound cliché but a lot of men don't understand how they can be confident by just being themselves. The truth is, you dress to please people, don't put too much energy on it because they don't really care. In fact, they'll even praise and respect you more if you do your own thing. Look at famous people and several people you admire, they all look amazing because they're themselves. Following them won't really get you anywhere. Take your own path and be true to yourself. Look for clothes and lifestyle that fits and suits you. If you do this, you will instantly feel better and comfortable. 

Tip #2: Get Fit 

Being in shape is not only for the purpose of looking good, it actually pays for all aspects of life. It will make you look flawless at all times, without any fail. Good clothes won't cover up an unfit body, and it shows in your face and eyes if you're unhealthy. Some of you may be lazy to get fit but here's a tip, try to identify activities that you truly enjoy. If you love hitting the gym and pool, or sports– go for it! Any exercise is better than no exercise at all. Doing something fun and not seeing it as a chore means you'll keep it up for the long-run, which is the only way to determine results. 

Tip #3: Finding Your Own Style 

If you got plenty on your plate, and a routine prevents you from expressing your inner fashionista, it's a good idea to shop for custom menswear since it's going to save you a ton of time and hassle. You may also pick and choose the features that you're interested to have in an outfit. For example, you can focus on the color, material, pattern, and other accents. Time is gold, so make use of it wisely. 

Tip #4: Know Your Personality 

To feel confident in your fashion picks, you need to know your likes and dislikes, character, and personality. Take the time to identify who you are first rather than giving in to peer pressure and just being a follower of whatever is "trendy". 

The questions you need to ask yourself is "What's the reason why I want to dress like this?" and "What exactly do I wish to express through my style?" Once you find the answers to these questions, you are able to establish a firm foundation, which in turn will give you the confidence to start dressing up however you want, regardless of what the society has to say about it. 

Try exploring plenty of options. Search for different brands, explore custom menswear companies and research the various styles that are in. 

Tip #5: Be CONFIDENT! 

This is our last trip because who really cares what other people are doing and what celebrities are wearing, right? Remember that it's your life and you'll wear what you like. But this doesn't mean that you should be uncontrollable, just lighten up and enjoy. If your attitude about yourself changes, everything around you will also change as well. The way you walk, talk and hold yourself are direct gestures of your self-worth. When you are true to yourself, people will notice it. 

So keep on rocking your look with confidence! 

Ivandrea Ollero is a daytime writer for Northern Menswear, an online streetwear store run from Manchester that provides quality service 24hrs a day and 7 days a week. She is also a content crafter who researches and writes custom content about travel, fashion, finance, business, home improvements, health, and beauty in order to provide helpful information and tips for her readers. Ivandrea graduated from St. Scholastica's College, Manila, with a Bachelor's Degree in Broadcast Journalism in 2016.