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Surprisingly Effective Ways to Organize your Handbag closet



For a woman, the handbag is the most essential part of her everyday errand runs, her crisis survivor and a friend who keeps all things safe and readily available whenever needed. So how to store these bags so that it keeps its durability intact after a long run.

An organized closet of handbags helps in sorting which bag to choose with the dress of the day.

Organizing the closet can be a boring and time-consuming process, but a well-managed closet can make things easy and craft getting ready a simplified process. You can buy various organizers to make this process fun and stylish.

Organizing handbags doesn’t need to be complicated, just by following some quirky ideas and you are good to go.

Tips for organizing handbag

If you are storing handbag inside the closet

  • Use hanging space

If your closet comes with a hanging space, you can easily hang your handbags with the help of curtain rings. In this way, even if you are in a hurry, you will be able to take out and hang these back whenever you want.

  • Use back of the door

You can use the back of the door, and with the use of beautiful organizers available online you can use this space and make it look attractive. If you have a few bags, you can even use wall hooks to hang these bags.

  • Position and keep your handbags vertically

Keep your bags vertically positioned, this will ensure keeping the shape of the bag intact, this will not only help in protecting the shape of your bag but will also give you enough space since keeping it in this way utilizes less space. Sorting from smaller to larger size, you will be able to use them whenever required.

  • Divide your stuff to conquer the space

Many bags do not have steady shapes, like totes, they won’t stand vertically instead they will keep falling; this will mess up organizing your closet as well. This is where the organizer can be really helpful; you can use shelf dividers, boxes, clothes dividers. By using these you can keep the bag divided according to different shapes and sizes.

If you are storing handbag outside the closet

  • Use the hanging bar to the wall

If you don’t have hanging space then, you can easily put up a rod like a towel bar, it will help in hanging your bags easily without eating up your space. These rods can be fixed on any unused wall space. It looks neat and keeps your entire handbag properly organized.

  • Hooks for hanging

There are many fancy door knobs that can be used in place of hooks, which you can buy online or purchase from home furnishings centres, they not only enhance your decor but also look classy and stylish.

If your closet is usually full, then using a hook can be really helpful. These hooks can efficiently manage your space issues.

  • Style shelf for your bags

Keep admiring your bags by keeping them on the shelf especially made for handbags, you can purchase stylish wooden wall mounted shelves online or from furnishing stores. These shelves come with all the tools required for mounting them on the wall.

If you are concerned about bags becoming dusty then you can even go for a glass cabinet making it a pretty display.

Useful tips to keep in mind while modelling your closet

Mount an overhead shelf in your closet, this space can be utilized by keeping your handbags properly in dust free bags which will help in keeping them safe. You can place it in order by keeping the least required one at back and mostly used one in front.

  • Get cubbies installed, where you can sort your handbags according to size, colour, and types. Like you can sort all your satchel handbags in one and slings in another.
  • There are many dividers for the closet available easily in the market. Install these dividers to sort your bags and keep them organized. This will help to avoid mixing your handbags with other stuff in your cabinets.
  • Whether you keep the bag in a closet, shelf or in storage boxes, make sure they are properly stuffed with newspaper and covered with dust bags.
  • For small clutches use magazine file organizer
  • You can even fix slender baskets inside your closet to keep handbags

To sum up

An organized closet can save a lot of time; it can make accessing your things easily. Ordered handbags can help in maintaining their quality over time. It makes getting ready easy too, when you have a handbag all sorted and visible in front of you, you can pick which one you want to carry that day. So keep your handbag safe and organized with these essential tips.