7 Shaheen Bagh like Delhi in UP

7 Shaheen Bagh like Delhi in UP



43 in Lucknow, then 53 days of picketing in Kanpur, violence in Aligarh; Everyone said - CAA will be removed only

  • Girl involved in the protest at Ghantaghar, Lucknow, became ill due to rain, Damatora in the hospital during treatment
  • In Azamgarh, the police chased the women, even after filling water in Prayagraj, the protesters did not leave Mansuri Ali Bagh

Lucknow. The strike against the CAA has been going on in Shaheen Bagh, Delhi for more than two months. On the same lines, demonstrations are also being held in 7 cities of UP. These days, due to the exams, the crowd has reduced in the ongoing demonstration at the clock tower of Lucknow. But, the most painful picture of the performance also came from here. The girl sitting in the demonstration got sick from the rain and died during treatment. When the women sitting on a dharna in Kanpur were removed by the police, they captured the road. The administration was forced to allow a sit-in in the park. During the ongoing protest in Aligarh, the atmosphere had to be shut down when the atmosphere was disturbed. After the uproar during the ongoing protests in Moradabad, the administration paid Rs 1 crore 4 lakh to Imran Pratapgarhi, the poet involved in the dharna. Notice of While a peaceful protest is going on in Saharanpur, women did not move even after pouring rainwater at the dharna in Prayagraj. The women, who were sitting on a dharna in Bilariaganj town of Azamgarh, were driven away by the police with sticks. Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi had also reached to meet these women. Ground report from 7 cities of UP ...

1. Lucknow: Women set up a symbolic detention center

A symbolic detention center has been set up in Lucknow.

The demonstration continues at Ghantaghar in Lucknow from 17 January. We arrived here around 5 pm. The number of women in the dharna that has been going on for 43 days seems to be much less than the normal days. Women told- At this time the examination of children is going on, due to which women have become a little busy. Women have also set up a symbolic detention center here. There is also a large cutout of the map of India on the side. Some women are writing new slogans on Rangoli and some chart papers. Fakhruddin's daughter Tayyaba was a BA student. She was also sitting on a dharna with other women at the clock tower. Her health deteriorated due to wet rain. He died during treatment last Sunday. Fakhruddin wanted to make his daughter a lawyer. He says- "Tayyiba used to say, Papa, I will fulfill your dream, my daughter has fulfilled my dream, She is named throughout India.”Sumiya, daughter of poet Munawar Rana, who made headlines during the protest, says that it is true that the dharna in Lucknow started on the lines of Shaheenbagh. But, if Shaheen Bagh gets up on the middle path, then we will not get up either. We will sit until the CAA, NRC and NPR return. The administration has made 4 FIRs related to the performance of women, in which 298 people have been accused.

2. Kanpur: Administration bowed in front of the protest, allowed to sit in the park

Muslim girl giving the message of brotherhood during the performance in Kanpur.

The women sitting on a protest against the CAA at Mohammad Ali Park in Kanpur say that those who rioted in Delhi cannot be Hindustani. The women say that there are riot conspirators under the cover of the opposition to the CAA, who want to discredit those who sit peacefully protesting the bill all over the country. There has been no decrease in the number of women who have been staging a sit-in at Mohammad Ali Park in Kanpur for 53 days. On February 9, the police chased the women from the park, and the women sat down on the road of Chamanganj. Schools, shops and traffic came to a standstill due to the closure of the main road. The police were forced to allow picketing in the park. Police had issued notices to 80 people on 7 February, while 200 people have taken action against them.

3. Aligarh: Violence strikes, internet has to be shut down

The ongoing protests in Aligarh turned violent many times.

Women are going on a strike at Idgah. On Sunday, women blocked the path to start a sit-in in front of Kotwali, 1 km from Idgah, to which the police objected. When the situation began to become uncontrollable, the city Qazi wanted to come and handle the matter, but in the meantime someone started stone-pelting from the crowd, which made the situation worse. Youth was shot, police vehicles were set on fire, many policemen were injured. The administration also had to shut down the Internet. About 5 km from Idgah in Aligarh, there are two dharnas going on in different directions, in which local women are taking part continuously. So far 6 FIRs have been done by the police regarding this demonstration, in which more than 1000 people have been accused.

4. Moradabad: 1.04 crore notice if poet Imran Pratapgarhi joined the dharna

All the arrangements from tents to beds are well maintained at the picket site in Moradabad.

The strike started on Idgah ground from 29 January. The special thing is that there are tent-canats here, there is also a complete arrangement of the beds to cover. However, the protesting women of Lucknow are struggling for these arrangements. Men are also involved in the strike in Moradabad. There is a separate arrangement for their seating. Every Friday, women reach there and register their protest. Poet Imran Pratapgarhi, who fought the Lok Sabha elections on a Congress ticket from Moradabad, also joined the strike. Now the administration has sent a notice to them for a penalty of Rs 1 crore 4 lakh. Women say - We are definitely demonstrating on the lines of Shaheen Bagh, but will not accept their decision. Even if he wakes up before the CAA moves away, we won't get up.

5. Saharanpur: No police action in 34 days

In Deoband, a signature campaign is being carried out against the CAA along with a sit-in demonstration.

34 days ago Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind started a dharna at the Idgah of Deoband. Later the women took the command of the dharna instead of men. Now the banner of Muttahida Khwatin Committee is installed here and under this the whole dharna is going on. Farheen, who is involved in the dharna, says that giving citizenship on the basis of religion and not giving citizenship on the basis of religion is like killing the constitution. It must be withdrawn. Adiba says the violence in Delhi is regrettable. Hindu-Muslims have been like brothers in India for centuries. Eid-Holi is celebrated together. Violence in Delhi is a conspiracy. The special thing is that no police action has been taken so far in the ongoing dharna-demonstration in Saharanpur.

6. Prayagraj: CCTV surveillance of Mansoor Ali Park

The women who are going on dharna offer namaz in Mansoor Ali Park itself.

The dharna, which started on January 14 at Mansoor Ali Park in Prayagraj, continues today. On 18 January and 16 February, police arrived to pick up the women, but due to their opposition the police had to return. The rain water filled the park, but the women did not give up and stood on the dharna. Now the movement women have installed CCTV cameras around the park due to apprehension. The women involved in the strike fear that to end the agitation, anarchism can try to spoil the atmosphere. More than a dozen cameras have been installed at key park locations to keep an eye on such people.

7. Azamgarh: Strike for 12 hours, police lathi-charged and drove away women

On 4 February, women rallied against the CAA in Biliriganj town of Azamgarh. But, at two o'clock in the night, police lathi-charged the women sitting in the protest site Johar Ali Park and chased them. The police are accused of lathicharge on the women. Seeing increasing tension, the police detained 1 dozen people, including a religious leader. When the matter came to light, on February 12, Priyanka Gandhi also reached out to meet the victimized women. He said - you have all been wronged. We have to stand against this injustice. This government is completely against the poor. Every effort will be made to provide justice to those who have been tortured and those who are in jail. There is no longer a sit-in in Azamgarh.