Ram Temple in Ayodhya

Ram Temple in Ayodhya Will Be Built By Larsen and Toubro Company



The construction of the Ram temple will be done by the Larsen and Toubro Company. Veerappan, the head of design and construction of the company, accepted this responsibility after talking to Ram Janam Bhoomi Tirtha area general secretary Champat Rai over the telephone.

Names of various companies were revealed for the construction of the temple. However, the case was stuck between the Supreme Court, the government and the trust, so the name could not be finalized. Now the company has given its formal approval.

The company has proposed on its part that it will not take up the construction of the temple at Ram Janam Bhoomi but wants to work with service. In the nineties, when the Ram Mandir movement was in its peak, the then VHP supremo Ashok Sinhal met the management of the company and sought cooperation in building the temple. According to Trust General Secretary Mr. Rai, the company management wants to fulfill its promise.

Ramlala's relocation soon

At the same time, the Ram Janam Bhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust has made up its mind to change the location of Ramlala sitting in Ram Janam Bhoomi, before Vasantik Navratri. The trustees of the trust consider this an achievement as the construction is to begin from the place of the seated Ramlala. This construction can be started only when Ramlala is established at the appointed place with legal legislation. Due to this, work is being done on the battle level at the designated site in the Ram Janam Bhoomi complex. This work is going on under the supervision of security officers of Ram Janam Bhoomi complex and under the guidance of Ayodhya Naresh Vimlendra Mohan Pratap Mishra, Trustee of the newly formed Trust and Dr. Anil Mishra, Provincial Proceedings of the Union.

Trust office will open in Sundar Bhawan near Ram Janam Bhoomi campus

Ayodhya. Ram Janam Bhoomi Tirtha Kshetra Trust is going to open its office in Ayodhya soon. This office will be opened in the beautiful building located near the Ram Janam Bhoomi complex. The office-bearers of the trust have considered this place suitable after surveying the surrounding area. In this regard, the responsibility of negotiating with the temple management has been entrusted to the trustee and the Provincial Proceedings of the Union, Dr. Anil Mishra. Sundar Bhawan is a temple of Bahraich State, which was built by Queen Sundari Devi and donated the temple to her own guru.