How to Choose Best Electric Heaters In 2019?


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Sometimes, it is very difficult for the buyer to choose the best electric heater in the market. After several hours of research and review of different types of electric heaters, I have picked for you the best electric heaters of 2019.

The main objective of the electric heater is to replace hot air with cold. To do this, they use an electric heater that heats the cold air that it absorbs and that thanks to fans (heat fans), the hot air is expelled outside.

Hence they are also known as electric air heaters. They work by convection or radiant heat. Convection heat uses the natural law that hot air rises and relies on natural convection to move heat around the room.

Given this, to function ideally and take better advantage of their performance, they have to be located near the ground level. To get an idea of ​​what type of heater we need, it is best to resort to mathematics and take as a reference that for a ceiling height of 2.5 meters, 80W per m2 is recommended, as long as the room is well insulated; or 100W per m2 if the level of isolation is medium available on the gadgets pro. As a safety measure, there is something known as “the rule of the meter” and it is about moving the electric heater at least 1 meter away from any type of object, furniture, pet bed, clothes, shoes, toys, curtains, etc.

We are going to give you a series of useful tips and discuss some advantages and disadvantages of this type of thermal appliance.

Advantages of heaters

  • Ideal for small rooms such as the bathroom, the kitchen or a small bedroom.
  • They do not require any type of the previous installation since they are only connected to the mains.
  • They expel hot air quickly and focused.
  • They are safety devices, do not emit gases or need fumes.
  • Easy to transport from one room to another, given its low weight and compact size.
  • That the heater has a thermostat is a great advantage. Its function is to help start or stop heating from a certain preset temperature and thus optimize its consumption. There are mechanical (with an accuracy of 2ºC difference), electronic (0.5ºC) and digital (0.1ºC).

Disadvantages of heaters

  • The hot air lasts a short time once the heater is turned off, that is to say, that its thermal inertia is lower.
  • They are not devised to keep them on for a long time, they consume about one watt of electrical energy for each watt of heating they produce.
  • As expected, the more power they offer, the higher the temperature will reach, but it will also consume more.

List of 3 Best Electric Heaters

1.     The most economical, Orbegozo FH-5028

If we do not want to spend too much and simply have a heater that allows us to get out of the way, the Orbegozo FH-5028 is a very good alternative. Of the most basic, but with two powerful options of the heat of 1000 W and 2000 W. Like many others it incorporates the function of fan, which many users use to dissipate the steam after the bath. It allows temperature control, only manually. 

Although we do not have the precise detail of degrees offered by Com life, we can at least graduate it to our liking. Its design is not as compact as others (25.8 x 23.8 x 13 cm), but it is true that its horizontal design allows it to be placed almost flush with the ground and keep your feet warm. For those who are not looking for much more, they can be done with it for just 16 dollars.

2.     With light indicator, Laluztop

Without being a waste of power, the Laluztop mini heater gives us two heat modes (950W and 650W) and a cold one that spends just 5W, even less than the Comlife. Almost as quiet as the Rowenta, its fan barely rises 45 dB; anyway, it beats all heaters of this comparison if it is a swing, reaching an angle of 90 degrees to distribute the heat.

Although the photos may seem like a tremendous pot, it occupies only 21 x 13 x 13 cm approximately. Being a good alternative to take with us during the autumn getaways. A detail that some users find beautiful is that the LED light that has in its lower part changes color as the mode selects the temperature mode. They also liked its simple and intuitive touch panel.

3.     Semi industrial, Orbegozo FHR 3050

We could not end the comparison without leaving an option to the handyman of the house, those who are locked in the basements and garages to make their own with the tools. The Orbegozo FHR 3050 heater is of the type of small-scale industrial ceramic heaters.

 It has an incredible maximum power of 3000 W adjustable in two positions. When the heat is excessive, something very usual if we are working locked up, we have the option of using it only in fan mode and cooling the environment a bit. Thanks to the side knobs, we can orient the sense of heat vertically. Something unusual in this type of heaters, which counteracts the lack of oscillation of the FHR heater.

A comfortable carrying handle will allow us to move it so that it does not get in the way and thanks to the side knobs. Its metallic body, its non-slip feet, and its protective mesh, make it a more than safe option if it is about having it near tools or any other unconventional object that walks through the amateur workshop. How could it be otherwise, it has protection against overheating and automatic safety shutdown.  Get more information click now the gadgets pro.