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Whenever we have some occasion around the house, we always remember one cake that is bound to make everyone happy and has a perfect taste to it.

The best thing about the black forest cake is that they have balance, they know how to have a balance of the taste that you are looking for, which is just perfect but the best part to the cake is that there are many things you don’t know about it. 

The cake is just filled with wonders and is one cake that is preferred by thousands. This cake is filled with mysteries and those mysteries are bound to leave you awestruck. you can always order cake online in Delhi

Here are a few things that will surprise you about the cake:

  • The black forest cake is a layered sponge cake with coats of whipped cream in between with cherries. The cake is also decorated with the shavings of chocolate, something that we all love. 
  • The origin of the black forest cake was in Germany and is known to be called as schwarzwälder Kirschtorte.
  • The land of black forest was also referred to Germany and the local women were known to wear a costume which also resembled the black forest cake.
  • It is said that in India the cake is made with sugar syrup but the original black forest cake is said to have the alcohol in it as the Kirschwasser is said to be a clear spirit added to the cake which is derived out of the sour cherries, you can always make this original birthday cake if you ever wish to have it or you can always order a birthday cake online Bangalore. 
  • The cake’s name is always there in the German stories which go by the name of snow-white, Hansel and Gretel and Rapunzel as these stories have German origins as well. 
  • The crux of the cake is in the cherries and without the cherries, the cake would be nothing. You can also add the cherries in the toppings as well, this will just enhance the flavour of the cake. 
  • K&D delivery were the first ones to make the world’s largest black forest cake and weighed around three thousand kilograms. 
  • The cake was so famous that it got famous all-around Europe in no time and made the list of top ten famous cakes around the world. 

Now you know which cake you can consider for certain occasions but here we have a list of cakes from bloomsvilla, that will surely delight you in various ways. 


Surprise your distant friend, lover or relative with a smile with this cake, they are just going to love the smile that you are sending for them and who knows that it might also make them smile. This year celebrate the birthday with black forest cake and cherries, you can avail the eggless cake as well, if they don’t like having the normal cake. Perfect, is it not?


This cake is just so beautifully adorned with cherries and chocolate shavings that even looking at the picture it can make our mouth water, this round cake is just perfect for the upcoming birthday or anniversary that you are having, this might even leave the party attendants awestruck. 


The photo cakes are bound to make your loved one reminisce the occasion where it all started, you don’t need to express the love with a red velvet cake but you can always choose this cake as it will depict your loved one the love that you have for them and a heart-shaped photo cake is just one creative idea. 


The black forest can always be made a little more nutritious by adding fruits to the wonderful delight that it is. This cake will surely delight your health-conscious friend and the one who just has a sweet tooth while loving fruits as well. surprise them this birthday with this wonderful treat!


When it comes to surprising and expression the cake and flowers are always there and the teddy bear is just a bonus. You can always express all your feelings with these mixed roses and you can surprise them on their birthday at midnight with the cake call black forest this is another perfect gift which could always be used at midnight to surprise your loved ones. 

These wonderful cakes can always be delivered to you or the destination you want these cakes to be delivered to on time all you have to do is place an order on bloomsvilla, and the cakes will reach their destination. You can also send various other flowers along with the cake, perhaps you could choose their favourite blooms.