Flower Always Be The Perfect Gift For Every Occasion

Let’s buy these low maintenance plants for a beautiful garden



One of the most amazing things you can do to your houses has a garden in it. But we all know that with the increasing price of plants it is really difficult for us to maintain a garden by ourselves because we would have to study all of the horticulture to plant a few plants next to each other that we like and that is so because every kind of plant have different properties and that is why we would have to study all of them to plant them in a house to have a beautiful garden. Flower delivery in ahmedabad according to your taste and the plant you want is very easily available and of course, to cut down on your budget I have brought this article on the plants that require the lowest maintenance year-round. 

1) Table Top 

There are many plants which can be used as a tabletop. About one of them is particularly friendly with children as well and that is coral cactus and pictures are also drought tolerant and friendly with children and it does not require any kind of water. The best thing to do here is that you can give this birthday gift to your children or to anyone around you know along with cake delivery in Bangalore or any other city. 

2) Side Corners 

There are certain corners of the house which are vibrant but the other ones are too dark or maybe they just need a hint of some greens and that is why for those corners we'll have ponytail palm or it is also known as elephant foot. It's not a palm, it's from a lily family. It’s extremely easy to maintain it and you can just keep it around all year long water it sometimes and it consumes very little space again not just your side corners but even tabletop it would be amazing. If you are thinking about what to gift your friend who is still amid a career change, give them the plant as a gift along with an online flower cake delivery in Bangalore. 

3) Air purification plants 

Whether you are setting up a garden or you just want your house to look more elegant. Then what are three plants that will purify the air in your house and would also make them look elegant and classy and you can keep them in any corner of the house and they are pothos, peace lily, and philodendron. And the best part is that they are available in almost all the countries around the world so you can send flowers to Bangalore from the USA along with the plants for a much-decorated appeal.

4) Palm look 

Dracaena marginata is the scientific name for the dragon tree. it has the other similar look like a palm tree but palm tree attracts many insects and it is a sensitive and that is why to all the hostlers, or a student at the university, or people at whichever age living in a small house and want to have a plant around them then dragon tree is the one that you must buy instead of a palm tree. And like flower delivery online is available the same will also help you and buying all the above-mentioned trees so sitting back at home you can have a wonderful collection of plants. 

5) American BeautyberryIf you are looking for a low maintenance plant but that also has a color to it then you have come to the right place American Beautyberry is a beautiful plant that has purple colored berries in it. So after the blooms of spring and summer, its leaves fall down and then the purple berries will come out. It is one of the best plants because it is drought tolerant and that simply means you don't have to watch it. Then you can leave it like that even if you are going on a month's vacation. And it is also resistant to diseases and pests so you can plant in your garden and never worry about it again.