Hacks to Earn Money from Facebook




Facebook is the most famous social networking website in the world. It helps you to make real money online without any investment.

There are a lot of online marketing strategies to earn money on Facebook. As we already know that Facebook is the most popular and largest social networking in the social world for marketers and businesses too.

Facebook has more than 2 billion registered Monthly Active Users and this is growing at a wonderful pace.


This article will guide you on how to make money without spending a penny. I have tested and found genuine and proven ways to earn money with Facebook and shared it for you all in this article.

Before learning the proven and real ways, I will quickly teach you some tips:

  • Affiliate Marketing on Facebook.
  • Drive traffic to your blog by Facebook.
  • Promote other businesses (Sponsored posts).
  • Sponsored shares and likes.
  • Become a Video Publisher.
  • Sell your product.
  • Earn money using Facebook's existing application.
  • Become an Influencer or Facebook Marketer.
  • Sell your famous Facebook page.


When you have more than 10000 audiences on your Facebook page or group then you can post your affiliate links and earn commission through it.

If someone buys a service or product from your link then you will be rewarded for that.

There are various good affiliate programs of marketing out there which you can join for free and promote their products.

Many programs like Shareasale are offering more than 50% as a referral commission for some products. That means if someone buys a product worth $100 then through your link then you will get $50 as commission.

Here is a guide on how to get started with Affiliate Marketing:

  • Sign up on the websites with good affiliate programs like ClickBank, Amazon Associate, eBay, Commission Junction or Share a sale. Find products on the websites that are relevant to the niche of your Facebook group or page.
  • Get affiliate links for relevant products and post them on your Facebook group or page with an amazing description.
  • Always post links that are relevant to get a good conversion rate and do not post too much info or links in a single day.
  • Do not stop sharing the interesting posts in between or your audience will think about your page as nothing but an advertisement place.
  • Be patient once you post a link about a product. You must keep track of all the patterns and engagements about the product.


Facebook can be a useful tool to drive traffic to your blog. What you need to do is make a blog and post according to your niche then post your blog's link on your Facebook group or page.

Once you start getting visitors on your blog page then you can easily turn your traffic into money.


In this social networking world, every brand wants to catch the top-spot at any cost. And they are willing to offer attractive pay to those who can help them advertise their products. So if you own a page, with a lot of likes and a huge number of following then you are more likely to get offers from marketers or business owners. You get money to promote their product or post on your page. You can also initiate a conversation with a business to get an offer for yourself, try to sound precise and well-mannered. This is one of the easiest ways to get paid through Facebook without spending any money.


A lot of people are doing this tactic, which is quite useful if you want to earn money without any kind of investment. You can check out outsourcing websites like Fiverr, you will find Gigs about shares and likes for money. Some people are willing to pay you when you share their content on your page or profile.

People who own a page with a larger fan base then you should go for this option. You can also find many websites that make such offers.


Facebook has introduced a new system to encourage businesses to create visual content and host on the Facebook website.

For that, you can create some creative videos about any topic that you like and upload it on Facebook so when a user watches your video, he might view a pre-roll advertisement that is similar on YouTube.

To attractive its users, Facebook is giving 55% of the revenue generated to the creator of that specific video and 45% will directly go to Facebook.

Though earning will depend on many factors like how long viewers have viewed your video or how many views you have got etc.


If you are a small entrepreneur or if you own a store then you do not need to pay hundreds of dollars to the advertising agency to promote your product. You can do it for free on Facebook. It is indeed one of the best places for E-commerce brands because of it easy and cheaper than others.

Facebook has also a Marketplace platform where you can directly post your products and keep records of your products. You can also put images and descriptions about your product.

Additionally, Facebook pages have a feature called "Store". You can create stores, upload your product details and then the product will be added in the card, any person who wants to buy it will be directed to the payment page. Though it requires some technical knowledge you can easily watch videos or install e-commerce software to make the whole process easy.


Facebook is an outstanding platform to earn either by selling your products or by referring to different brands on your page or group.

I have shared some useful tips on how you can earn on Facebook without any kind of investment. If you are wondering how much money you can make then it depends on various factors such as your niche, your targeted audience, algorithms of Facebook.

According to experts, niches like health products, art, and craft, mortgage or general issues will more likely to get the attention of the Facebook audience. The more audience you get on your page, the more money you will earn from it. You just need to try to put a decent amount of time and effort to get your page on the top list. Click here to know about Facebook accounts.