7 Best Automatic Transcription Tools

7 Best Automatic Transcription Tools for Your 2020 Media Needs


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Only humans are manual in this automatic world

Our cars are driving our children to school on their own, our mobile phones are making appointments for us and round small robots slide around our house pretending to mop the floor, why are we still transcribing by our hands then? It’s the 21st century and everything is going towards automation so did transcription writing.


My hands are only for spreading peanut butter and jelly!. 1

1.      Recordly. 2

2.      Otter. 2

3.      Happy Scribe. 2

4.      oTranscribe. 3

5.      Trint. 3

6.      Descript. 3

7.      Sonix the hedgehog?. 4

Sum it all up. 4

My hands are only for spreading peanut butter and jelly!

You love your hands, and you have them safe for a good cause. Keep it up, because the best transcription writing service is now easier than ever because of technological advancement. A simple drag and drop of your audio or video file on online and offline tools can sometimes generate results in minutes and can sometimes go up to hours. All of this depends on the quality of your audio.

So without further delay let’s find out what transcription tools made it to 2020.


It’s a pretty decent tool with lots of features. You can save and backup your content on the cloud and it also integrates with your smart watch, desktop, computer, and CMS. Simply record your interview with recordly and if the room is noise-free your transcription would be generated in mere minutes.

But that’s not why we have mentioned recordly. It’s because of cheap rates compared to others. Yes, with just $2 for an hour recordly and give you a pretty good transcription in minutes.

You can also manually edit your transcripts at parts where you feel the tool missed out something. Recordly also has a timestamp feature that marks the exact time you left off your work or from where you want to continue. So don’t worry about taking a break in the middle.


We all love otter! They are cute, cuddly and fluffy and if you don’t know what’s an Otter, google it. But that’s not what we are here to talk about.

Otter is an amazing service for journalists that are on a budget or starting up. Although its transcriptions writing is pretty accurate the unique thing about it that stands out is 600 minutes of free transcription per month.

For journalists who have less than 10 hours of transcription to do Otter can be a completely free platform.

Otter also has the ability for its daily users to train the app to recognize words and voices. Yes, otter does support the import of files from other services and you can also record on your cell phone and upload directly.

Happy Scribe

Happy scribe provides close to accurate transcription services. Places, where the tool wasn’t able to pick up words, were marked by its heat map services. Happy Scribe’s transcriptions are ready within minutes but its cost is $12/ hour or $30 per month.

The accuracy of happy scribe is entirely dependent upon the quality and background noises in your video or audio file. Happy scribe can convert your audio or video file into word, pdf and even txt file but the website advises against uploading files with high background noise


If you believe in 100% accuracy then there is absolutely no tool you can trust other than oTranscribe. Hate to burst your bubble here but oTranscribe is a semi-automatic transcription tool, but it’s pretty awesome.

The software is entirely free to use and provides control over the audio and text editor together. Meaning you can slow down, speed up or stop and leave a time stamp on the audio anytime you like. Although manual transcription is a pain but, if you have a written file of the part you spoke during the interview than oTranscribe services would be best for you.


Is it because of their fancy website or their high end charges no one knows but trint is considered one of the best tools in the market. Although trints accuracy for high background noise videos is mediocre. Its accuracy for studio-quality videos is simply outstanding.

With a price tag of $15/per for pay as you go and $40 for the monthly subscription, trint offers its transcription services with a touch of AI. A vocabulary builder tool for journalists to upload custom names or brand names is also available under the price tag


With the power of automation and human combines, decript brings excellent results on the table for its users. Descript transcriptions are nearly perfect but they also offer white gloves services for extra charges. White gloves assure 99% accuracy in transcription writing in an average of 24 hours.

Descript also offers cloud-based platforms where its users can comment and collaborate on the transcript of their audio or video file. With all these features descript stands at free for a basic plan with 30 minutes free transcription services. Pay as you go service can amount up to 15 cents per minute which makes $9 per hour.

Sonix the hedgehog?

Not really, just sonix. Sonix is also an AI-based transcription tool that makes it easy for the user. Simply drag and drop your file on sonix and its Ai will start working right away.

Sonix has a built-in studio to edit the transcript and match it with the audio word by word if required. Price for a single user starts at %10 per month and newsroom with multiple users can sign up for $15 a month.

Sum it all up

Automatic transcription writing service is a good option but that is not a complete solution yet and AI has some more time to be on the level of perfection. Some people even go for best transcript writing service online just to save money and time.