7 Popular Apps Built with React Native

7 Popular Apps Built with React Native


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Be it minimizing development time or cost-effective app development solutions, React Native app development is the most popular option among businesses for many reasons.

As a popular JavaScript framework, React Native is leveraged to build mobile apps that behave similarly to those of native apps in terms of performance.

React Native apps deliver similar user experience as native apps and are becoming the most popular choices among businesses seeking to have an affordable yet high-performing app.

Businesses willing to have their presence among both iOS and Android users find React Native framework as the best solution for them. And they can approach a React Native app development agency to get the right solutions in this arena.

Before we discuss here some popular apps based on React Native, let's delve into the basics.

What is React Native?

As an open-source framework, React Native was launched by Facebook in March 2015 with an aim to help developers create apps for iOS, Android, etc. by leveraging React accompanied by native platform capabilities.

React Native is also defined as the native version of the web library of React. The framework includes fresh components.

Which are Famous React Native Applications?


While talking about some popular React Native apps, it’s appropriate to start from Facebook, which is the first brand that unlocked the power of the said framework. Facebook aimed to implement all-important benefits of web development to be mobile, be it a small app development team, fast iteration or anything.After building the mobile app with React, Facebook witnessed tremendous results in terms of performance improvement. Besides, the higher speed of events dashboard startup was another major advantage.


Bloomberg is another major brand that recognized the potential of the React Native framework. It employed a React Native development agency to create its app. Bloomberg now enjoys its app presence on both iOS and Android platforms. The new app delivers a seamless experience to users and witnesses higher user engagement, with personalized content, be it live feed or video. The reason why Bloomberg chose the React Native framework for app development is that it is able to automate code refresh, propel release of new features, etc.


Walmart doesn’t need any specific introduction since it’s already a popular brand in the retail world. The introduction of Node.js into their technology stack already made the intention of the company clarified that it seeks to keep pace with the growing technology.Walmart later revamped its app with React Native and witnessed major improvements. It now focuses on both iOS and Android users hassle-free even without spending more resources and also within a shorter span of time. The new platform made it possible to share 96% of the codebase between all these platforms, apart from the skills and expertise of React Native developers leveraged across the businesses.


Owned by Facebook, Instagram is another most sought-after social media site that recognized the growing potential of React Native and leveraged it successfully to create a user-friendly mobile app.

The new Instagram app leveraged React Native now enjoys some cutting-edge features such as push notification, robust user interface, etc. and witnessed a higher user engagement.

SoundCloud Pulse

SoundCloud Pulse is one of the most popular applications for those of creators that help them in managing their accounts in a proper way and this helps them in keeping their community humming.

When the company started the task of creating a design for the second set of native applications, they then faced several issues. Developers at SoundCloud witnessed a great experience after working with React Native and recognized its unmatched potential.


Gyroscope is a popular application that enables users to see the entire story of their life. It’s one of the most popular health applications that witnessed their growing popularity among users. It not only helps users in tracking their workout steps, heart rate, etc.

The old version of the Gyroscope application was revamped with a cutting-edge framework named React Native.

The new app exhibits data in two important modes that include simple and card mode.


Wix is a well-known brand rendering services like web design and hosting. It lets users design and develops their websites by leveraging drag and drop features in HTML/CSS and mobile websites.

Wix also includes React Native in its technology stack and its app powered by this framework is blessed with several navigation options that include Airbnb-native-navigation, react-navigation, and lots more.



Above are some of the most sought-after applications developed on React Native platform and witnessed its growing popularity among users. After getting acceptance among above-established market players, React Native app development witnessed its growing demand among businesses.

If you are also looking to implement the benefit of this framework to your business, hire React Native app developers to create your business app.

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