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Here’s How to Block Smart TV Snooping



Technological advancement has taken almost everything in this world, and the television is one of the commonest things to get updated from time to time. Unless a gadget keeps updating, it would then be difficult to keep selling for people whose habits also evolve.

Earlier on, TVs were bulky and black and white. It then moved from black and white days to CRT TV days. The next technology that drove televisions was LCD TVs and Plasma, High Definition (HD), OLED and QLED and Smart TVs. People accepted these TV forms from time to time, and it kept the relevance of the Idiot Box intact.

The article that you went through talked about the changes that TV went through over the years. It also suggests an easier payment alternative when it comes to buying a television these days. It is possible to spread the cost of television and pay only fixed EMIs so that you don’t have to pay the entire amount at once. It would then help you fulfill your wish of bringing home technologically advanced television sets.

The TV is still relevant in India, and it connects people together during a cricket match and other content. It will continue to rule the roost as far as the basic digital entertainment mediums are concerned.  Smart TVs gather information about what you watch ACR technology. How much do you think your Smart TV knows?

It is one of the key questions that many reports took consigns of Smart TV privacy of consumers on many TV brands such as LG, Samsung, Sony TV and more.

What you see on your Smart TV is gathered by a technology known as Automatic Content Recognition (ACR). It endeavors to track and know whatever you watch on your TV. It also includes over-the-air broadcasts, cable, DVDs, Blu-rays and streaming services.       

The ACR (Automatic content recognition) technology assists the TV in recommending other shows that you may want to watch. However, ACR is also utilized for targeting advertisements to you and family and even for other marketing purposes. And you should also know that it is not easier to review and or delete the data later. If you want to disable the ACR technology, then you can follow the below tips.

Selecting the short media clip either it’s audio, video or both, the recognition will startup. The selection of this clip will be from the device you have recorded that media

To turn off ACR, you can press the Home Button on your remote and then go to settings. You will need to scroll down until you see privacy. Click on privacy and go ahead to Smart TV experience. Once there, you can easily uncheck the use of information for TV units. In turn, this will disable the Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology on your TV.

A Smart TV can help you enjoy web content on your large television screen as well as DTH shows. Here is a quick Smart TV buying guide that will help you buy Smart television:

  1. Choose your price range – Smart TVs are available in India starting from Rs.12,500 onwards. Hence, you should first decide the amount that you will be able to afford for a Smart TV.
  2. Choose a TV size – Once you have decided the amount that you can pay for a Smart TV, you should select the correct TV size. A 32-inch size would be apt if you wanted to enjoy in a small to medium room. For a large room, size in excess of 32 inches will be the best.
  3. Check external ports – The higher the external ports such as USBs and HDMIs, the better it will be. It will help you connect a large number of devices into your TV to watch the content of all types. Hence, check for 2, 3 external ports and more.

Best Smart TV models that you can consider buying

  • Lloyd Clara 43 Inch Ultra HD 4K LED Smart TV
  1. Ultra HD 4K 43 Inch 3840 x 2160 pixels
  2. 30 W speaker output
  3. 50 Hz refresh rate
  4. A grade panel
  5. 4 x HDMI ports
  6. 2 x USB ports

You can buy this Lloyd Smart TV in India at around Rs.32,000.

  • Samsung Series 4 32 Inch HD Ready LED Smart TV
  1. HD Ready 32 Inch 1366 x 768 pixels
  2. 10 W speaker output
  3. 50 Hz refresh rate
  4. 2 HDMI ports
  5. 1 USB port
  6. 7 in 1 feature

You will need to invest around Rs.15,000 in India to get this Smart TV.

You can divide the cost of a Smart Sony TV over a tenor and pay only fixed EMIs only on the EMI Network in 80,000+ local stores and 1800+ cities across India. Bajaj Finserv even comes with pre-approved offers on EMI finance and more to simplify your loan procedures and make it fast.

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