Why Should You Consider Cloud Hosting For Your Ecommerce Business?


If we start from the history of cloud server hosting, it was just a service that was offered by a very few of the hosting service providers present at that time in the market. But sooner or later it became the necessity of big enterprises and organizations around the world. Most of the companies started adopting and started depending on it for all of their storage and computing needs. There was a time when huge giant computers all together used magnetic tape for memory which is now commonly known as cloud computing. The term was called virtualization then but it got its real application and implementation in the future.

It all started when the larger IT organizations began to purchase or subscribe to cloud server hosting services to gain that solid hold in the market. Around in 2000-2005 web-hosting services prices started to decline and it became a service to be relished not only by the big IT firms. The prices came tumbling down to such a lower extent that it no longer considered being a luxury service. Almost all the E-commerce firms around the world enjoyed the services of cloud hosting.

As time passed, the cloud server hosting provider came up with the idea of shared hosting services that revolutionized the idea from the business since then. Thousands of E-commerce companies switched from in-house storage plans to third-part cloud hosting after seeing the advantages of hosting services that were dwelling at that time. Competitors were less in the market but buyers were plenty but it did not take much longer before the whole market got on to one or the other type of cloud hosting service.

Due to the managed infrastructure of the hosting environment, all the surges or peak demands were able to meet on time. There are no further risks of business going down while re-sizing the architecture for managing a more typical load system. The only time a company gets stuck is when the time comes to choose an on premise or a cloud-based online interface. This choice boils down to two factors i.e. the brand’s ability to grow and how aptly it responds to the market opportunities. The cloud system offers a wide range of benefits that are suitable and compelling for an E-commerce business.

What are those advantages that make all the E-commerce owners consider cloud hosting plan?

Let’s see one by one-

  1. Easy to evaluate new investments- Shifting work online with minimal investment has become so easier for the contemporary marketing industry. The deployment time reduces which further benefits them to streamline the time-to-market. Cloud hosting makes it possible to expand the work into new geographical locations in the smoothest way possible. The cloud-based E-commerce applications cater to them with world-class flexibility and scalability. But the best part is that all of it at such affordable prices. Although it is equally important to evaluate the total costs involved in cloud migration, implementation, customization, and integration of the cloud solution.
  2. Scalability is its USP- Scalability which can also be termed as elasticity is the USP of a cloud based solution. Sometimes arise randomly at any time of the year when big traffic spikes can be experienced. During such holiday season, the resources should be capable enough to bring justice a high rise in the product demand. Servers can be easily deleted or spin up as and when required. For this, you need not get into long term contracts and pay for only what you use. This will help in keeping the company’s operating costs more in line with the revenue.
  3. Better back-up and security- If you are also looking for the best solution for backing up your customer data and company stores. Incidents like software corruption, unexpected power surges, hardware failures, and even natural disasters. Cloud vendors themselves implement security measures onto the applications that include a biometric screening of personnel, data encryption, and certification by the use of third-party programs. Approximately all the cloud hosting providers give access to the virtual servers and storage integrated with networking functions and security.
  4. Lowered Cost- Price is one of the main reasons why people shift to the cloud-based storage plan. This has also increased competition among cloud hosting providers. There has been existed a cutthroat war of lowering prices for cloud based services in the market. In the end, storing data over the cloud is anytime affordable as compared to any other storage plan or network. This is because the structure of the cloud is cost-effective and more efficient at the same time. It adds benefit as it uses less power than any other traditional operating systems. 
  5. Easy way to share files- This is one more staunch reason why e-commerce firms like to store data over the cloud. Cloud solutions provide the easiest way to share files and without even using a virtual private network. The overall network costs are also lowered that allows sharing data which is too large and cannot be shared by any other means. 

These were some major reasons why cloud hosting should be considered for E-commerce business. Also, the E-commerce business requirements are becoming more and more complex and each one of them is in immediate use of the cloud-based solution. Functions like repeat orders, segmented product catalogs, and extended payment terms are so much easier now to handle when consolidated within a cloud-based solution.