Chadar Trek

Chadar Trek: The Do Before Die Trek!!



If you want a thrilling lifetime experience, then Chadar trek is a perfect choice for you. India is full of incredible beauties that will surprise and excites you. A lot of them are easy to explore and some possess challenges. With lots of challenges and adrenaline rush, Chadar trek is a difficult & tough adventure to accomplish. It is known as the wildest of all treks. 

Chadar trek is nothing but a walk on the frozen Zanskar River. It is perched at a height of 11,123ft above sea level and nestled in the laps of the mighty Himalayas. The trek starts from Leh region, India. In winter months, the Zanskar river gets frozen and forms a thick sheet of ice on which you can walk.  Chadar Trek is a winter trek and can be covered in 10-12 days. It is a trek of more than 100 km with steep climbs, rocky paths, tough trails, along with the lofty snow-covered mountains. 

Every year in just two months, Chadar receives thousands of visitors. The walk on the frozen river with the stunning views of snow-covered mountains, frozen waterfalls, and streams, quaint hamlets that showcases the Zanskari culture, and tranquil surroundings. You can also spot some Himalayan wild animals and a different flora during the trek.  Surviving in the harsh temperatures is challenging and will test your endurance and strength.  

Essentials to carry for Chadar trek:

Walking in sub-zero temperatures demands to keep your body warm with 5-6 layers of clothing. The best way is to keep all the essentials with you and be physically and mentally prepared for the adventure. With basic essentials like woolens, warm socks, trekking shoes, gumboots, light towel, fleece jacket, full sleeves tees, thick jacket, LED torch or flashlights, power bank, extra batteries, swiss knife, personal medicine, gloves, synthetic trek pants, warmer, sunglasses, sunscreen, moisturizers, muffler, scarf, toiletries, backpack, trekking pole, woolen & cotton socks, etc. It is not important to carry trekking gears from home, you can also buy or rent them in the Leh market. 

What you can face on Chadar Trek?

Being a challenging trek, Chadar trek is the most difficult one to cover. Get ready to face some physical or mental challenges on Chadar trek. 

  1. Nausea, AMS (acute mountain sickness)- It is a very common issue at higher altitudes. Take prescribed medicines from the doctor. 
  2. Extreme cold conditions and its effects on your body. 
  3. The unkind weather- The weather changes very frequently at Chadar. The sudden changes possess a challenge to survive in any harsh climatic conditions. 
  4. Rescue options- It is very important to ask for rescue options from your trek leader and know important ask for help options if you get stuck somewhere. 
  5. Changes in the trail- The trail has steep climbs and somewhere flat. Adjust yourself with the tricky path.

The best way to face all the challenges is by being prepared for the Chadar Trek. 

Here are travel tips or general points that will help you to prepare for Chadar Trek:

  1. It is important to exercise daily prior to 3 weeks before the trek to boost up your stamina and strength. Yoga will keep your lungs strong as oxygen level decreases at higher altitudes. 
  2. Do not skip meals on the trek. And take a properly balanced diet before the trek. 
  3. Consumption of alcohol or smoking may be injurious to health during the trek.
  4. Carry minimum weight and travel light.
  5. Do not litter. Keep the surroundings clean.
  6. There will be poor network connectivity on the trek, it is better to inform your family & the concerned person in advance about the adventure and explain the itinerary to at least one person. So, in case of some emergency, he/she can reach the location. 
  7. Do not use chemical soaps or items when you take a bath at the waterfalls or river. The freshwater is used by the locals for drinking and household purposes.
  8. It is better to stay in a group during the trek. Do not wander alone.
  9. It is advised to always carry a water bottle and handy snacks in your backpack. 
  10.  You will cross so many monasteries or sacred places during the trek. Show respect to them and do not disturb the monks. 

How to reach Chadar trek?

The starting point of the trek is Leh & Ladakh. Leh is well-connected to all the major cities of India like Delhi. The best way to reach Leh is by taking a direct flight from Delhi and reach Leh. As Chadar trek happens in the winter season, it is impossible to get a bus or train to reach Leh. The natural calamities make the roadways dangerous. It is advised to take a good tour operator and book your tickets in advance. 

Chadar Trek is a glorious adventure in the Himalayas.  The trek will teach you so many skills like snow trekking, surviving in sub-zeros, and increase mental strength. This wildest trek will also give a chance to sneak peek into the Zanskari culture. The lifestyle, culture, and hardships of locals. Plan a trip to Chadar trek and experience the incredible nature. The unseen & unexplored. 

Live. Travel. Explore!!